Be careful who you vote for. Sheriff terms are long. And of course his last name is Lillywhite.

Michigan sheriff crashed driving drunk at 96 mph. Months later, he’s still sheriff. –
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So many rotten apples

The West Virginia State Police is in some well-deserved deep shit and it sounds like it is long overdue. It got so bad a whistleblower–a sad rarity in law enforcement–came forward.

A civil suit was filed this summer against the West Virginia State Police based on widespread misconduct including videotaping of female students and troopers using the shower and locker facilities. Here’s a shocker: the hidden camera and the thumb drives containing hours of video were destroyed. (Do I really need to add “allegedly”?) The “film fest” is said to have been going on for years and involved the WVSP training academy. The plaintiff’s attorney is representing about 70 other women – including minors who participated in a junior program at the academy – who have made similar allegations.

There has been very little national press about this state of affairs in West Virginia’s top police agency. No surprise there, either. No comment–ongoing investigation and litigation. Nobody’s more tight-lipped than a police agency under fire.

Yeah, no shock here either. There was retaliation against the whistleblower.

“We are unable to provide you with photographs or the report at this time.” Another lawsuit for you, WVSP. Taxpayers will fund their defense, just as they paid for that hidden camera.

Here’s the man the recently fired head of the WVSP blamed for the locker room crimes and other mayhem. Conveniently, he is dead.

He died in 2016 at age 50 during a training run. Karma’s a bitch.

According to the WVSP website, the agency is part of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Taskforce. How reassuring.

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