Interview with Inmate #C-64062 at Joliet Prison dated March 29, 1977

Of course Dr. Olson’s prescient observation that the child killings in Oakland County would continue was accurate. On March 16, 1977, my brother Tim was abducted and his body dumped on Gill Road on March 22.

A week later, three MSP detectives interviewed Guy Strait at the Stateville Prison in Joliet, Illinois to gain some insight into child pornography. Some interesting hypotheticals are posed by detectives at the end of page 17.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Inmate #C-64062 at Joliet Prison dated March 29, 1977”

  1. We see the sick fantasy of “child snuff porn” leading investigators astray, even then.
    Sad, how much time & effort has been wasted chasing this fantasy. People refuse to listen, when they are told IT NEVER EXISTED.

  2. It’s all absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. When will Bouchard retire already?!?! It’s so sick watching his little game trying to pretend he cares, it’s infuriating!!

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