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Sorry I am not great at responding quickly to comments.  I wisely chose the “preapproval” option for all comments, so they do not show up until I read them and post or, sometimes, quickly delete. Trust me, it’s better this way.  Originally I did not allow comments for reasons anyone who has read any of the other sites devoted to these crimes can certainly appreciate.  For every person who wants to do battle with me over what s/he thinks I think, or thinks I can wave a magic wand, or wonders why I just don’t get it–there are many more who have reached out in positive ways I could have never imagined.  To those people—many thanks.  To those I have not yet responded to—I will; I just have to do this in relatively small doses. 

I cannot even tell you how absurd this entire thing is, from start to non-finish, and every messed up twist and turn in between.  It’s like moving a sand dune with chopsticks.  It’s fucking exhausting at times and it often feels pointless.  Which is what has long made the MSP, the OCP and the family members and close associates of guilty parties exhale a big, fat, self-satisfied (if hollow) sigh of relief.  As I posted earlier tonight in a comment to a reader, if you want to try to wrap your head around why something like this is so bogus and such a mess, read Portraits in the Snow, The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (M.F. Cribari, 2011).

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  1. uncleholmes says:

    Cathy, I can just imagine how hard this is to organize your thoughts while at the same time dealing with the emotions about this whole case, especially being that your brother was one of the victims.

    I think the more this case is talked about, the better chance there is that someday this case will be solved and the families of the victims as well as the community can finally have closure. My only question is how did this case not get solved yet? I mean it happened to four kids.

    Every once in a while I’ll bring up this case to friends and associates just to see if they remember the OCCK. They’ll usually give me a strange look and wonder why I would even bring the OCCK up. But you never know who might have some information about this case.

    Sure enough one woman who I brought up this case to was in awe when I brought it up. She knew Mark Stebbins cause she was a former teacher of his. I think an open mind is better than a closed mind.

  2. Mike says:

    They say if you forget the past it will repeat itself.

    I understand your need catherine to control the posts on your blog site. There are people out there who want to discredit you and the best way to do that is to make you and your voice(this blog) to be seen as a bunch of crazy nonsense. Please keep the strings tight. I would hate for that to happen.

    A message from me to those people.

    I grew up in this area. I care about what happened and people like me will always care. Alot of bad stuff happened to alot of people in metro detroit in the mid to late 70’s and some have never come foreward. This will never die because people like catherine and others will not let it happen. EVER!!!

    The truth will
    Come out!!!

  3. I read the first nine chapters of “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” on GooglePlay and then it cut off, so I ordered it and received it a few days ago, but am waiting to finish reading these blogs first. “Portraits In The Snow” should be here sometime this week & I will read that after “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.” Are there any more non-fiction books on the OCCK case that I am not aware of? I do not care if they are good/bad as long as they are not of fiction. I am not interested in reading something that makes a fantasy off of these tragedies. I want to learn the aspects on this case from as many angles as I can.

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