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  1. Something about the scotsman resturant that chris bucsh managed in ess lake bothers me. I would love to see who else worked there back then. A list of the employees from ss info. The person who killed chris could have been working there and freaked out that chris was picked up and poligraphed. Theres someone missing in all this. Theres some old mentor to chris out there in his past.

  2. Also about Busch’s dog. Busch owned a white Welsh Terrier. All four victims had white animal hair on their clothing. Just wondering what vet Busch might have taken this dog to and if the vet had Busch’s dog in their records. Or any dog toys somewhere that might link this dog’s hairs to the victims. Just wondering if there’s any chance the dog was buried, or how was the dog disposed of. Any pictures of the dog? Did Gunnels ever see this dog?

    Did the top suspects in the Oakland County Child Killer case get away with it? Evidence shows they may have.


  3. Gunnels statement reminds me of Edward Dukette’s excuse for why he retracted his murderous confession of Kathy Gloddy in 2006. He waited 35 years to confess to her murder, & then had decided that his medication had made him say crazy stuff that wasn’t true, yet he had enough time to drive himself to a police station (Cross City, Fla.) before confessing. Another one of the serial rapists to have done very little time and he never spent a day in jail for the murder of Kathy Gloddy, even though he had made a confession to a law enforcement agency.

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