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  1. Has it ever been conclusively determined where Green and Busch first met?

    I have a morbid fascination with pre-cyber pedophilia rings. At what point after making someone’s acquaintance do you feel confident enough to say, “Screw golf; my true hobby is raping children—how ’bout you?”

    1. I wouldn’t call it a “morbid fascination”, but I remember when I first read an online news blurb about Ted Lamborgine and his possible connection to the OCCK, it mentioned in a throwaway manner that Lamborgine either operated or was involved with a child pornography ring operating out of the Detroit area, apparently back in the pre-digital/cyber age, I invariably find myself asking: OK, let’s set aside the four homicides for a moment–a child pornography ring was operating out of the Detroit area back in the pre-digital/cyber age? How large was this ring? Did police manage to shut it down completely–was everybody involved convicted? Was all of the material produced confiscated? How many children were involved? Has every child involved been identified and accounted for? Even more importantly–how could something like this have happened?

      I understand that these are questions not best asked by the media. I’m kind of disgusted by the current media coverage of the Ariel Castro kidnappings in Cleveland, in that the media, which would ordinarily protect the identity of such victims, is describing the years of physical and sexual abuse that these victims suffered, apparently with more consideration for drawing in readers with lurid detail than with the dignity of victims themselves. That said–when details emerge about child abuse and child sexploitation by suspects in the OCCK case, I would think that the key to understanding what happened to the four victims who were murdered would arise from information provided by the victims who survived, and I would hope that this is the reason for much of the secrecy surrounding this investigation. (But a better guess would be that prosecutors are simply not going to indict anybody without any sort of DNA evidence. It has always been very difficult to prosecute anybody for any sort of sex crime; in the pre-DNA age, rape convictions were often based on occasionally questionable victim identification, and such prosecutions today take into account the so-called “CSI effect” among juries who expect to be presented with sophisticated scientific evidence, and consider the lack thereof to provide reasonable doubt. Exhibit A: The Casey Anthony jury.)

      The problem is that while I don’t think there’s anything particularly morbid about wanting to know more about an investigation, prosecution, or conviction relating to child pornography, there certainly is a problem with actually finding out more about such matters–common sense tells me not to Google a search term such as “child pornography”, for no better reason than I vividly recall how, back in the 1990’s, attempting to conduct a web search for even the most innocuous term invariably and immediately resulted in links to any number of smut sites. (The fact that Google apparently keeps records of every search term that every user has ever entered doesn’t help either).

      OK, I’m sort of rambling here. The bottom line is that when I hear about such matters as the January 1977 Green, Busch and Bennett arrests in Flint, I immediately want to know more about what that whole investigation and prosecution was about, but I don’t know much. As I understand it, Green was arrested on a single charge of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct. He was later convicted of…something and sentenced to life in prison. Busch was arrested and charged with something and got probation. Bennett was somehow arrested in connection with these two, yet is able to claim that he didn’t know them, and was convicted of breaking and entering, getting some amount of jail time. Busch was granted significantly less bail than Green or Bennett, and was able to bond out. I don’t know whether Bennett bonded out or not, and while there are documents indicating that Green did not bond out between his arrest and conviction, that claim has been called into question. Finally, of these three, only Bennett survives. Was this an organized abuse ring, or just three compulsive pedophiles who knew each other?

      I get distracted by this stuff to where I find it difficult to draw any conclusions or ever speculate about what these guys may or may not have been doing in Oakland County in March of 1977 when it is unclear to me what sort of consequences that they were facing in Flint at the time.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. Since flint back then was big time GM country and busch dad was working for Ford. How did they meet? Usually kids that live that far apart would meet in camp or at a common interest. All we know is they had the pediphilia common interest. Makes you think they were both abused or mentored by the same sick guy.

  2. Could their dads had known each other? I read that they met at a bar in oakland county. That doesnt mean they didnt know each other before then.

  3. Now I’ve heard it all. Taxpayers paid for circumcision for this piece of shit so he could “feel better” about the penis he uses to rape little boys.

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