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  1. WTH??? This is clearly referring to the Busch brothers, two of whom have died since Chris Busch committed suicide in ’78. Charles Nels Busch lived in NY but is now in NC. (I googled his name). Why in the name of God were they visiting Green in prison in 1995, 17 years after their brother’s death? Why?

    I hope this won’t seem an inappropriate question, but how have you managed not to call Charles and ask him about this, as well as his family’s role in covering for their monster brother’s activities? Charles was an adult and in fact had kids of his own, and could have done more to ensure this beast was not free to hurt other people’s kids. I honestly believe that if my brother was a repeat pedophile, who had a box of child sex films when arrested, and my parents and their attorneys were constantly coddling him, I would do something to protect others. Plus, one of your earlier documents notes he knew about the drawing of the screaming boy on his brother’s bedroom wall. Seriously?

    He is loathesome.

  2. Your comment about MSP visiting Jackson after inmate deaths is epic. As far as Busch’s two brothers visiting Greg Greene in prison, I do not believe that is what this document is stating. Apparently, these are Greene’s two brothers & his sister must have been living in New York at the time of this report.

  3. The MSP’s response to Greg Green’s death in prison is so telling. They wanted to talk to any prison employees who might have had contact with Green. Why? Because of the faint possibility that Green had talked about what he either knew or suspected about his former partner, Chris Busch. And the MSP had to know just what the prison employees knew. Not what Green knew. That the MSP already knew. The MSP had to know who else knew what Green suspected.

    Remember, Green spent his last 17 years in prison complaining that he was locked up for life for the exact same crimes that Busch was convicted of. Green was right. Busch was protected, sort of. Tom Waldron of the MSP said that his superiors prevented him from ever interviewing Green in prison. It’s not that Waldron didn’t want to, it’s that he was officially prevented from doing so.

    If Waldron had talked to Green, he would have heard Green’s suspicions that Busch was protected, and then Waldron would have done some digging. Waldron would have discovered that Busch had a secret still so powerful that in the 1990’s, the mere possibility that Green might have guessed it was enough to send the MSP to interview jail employees in 1995.

    The entire tenor of this blog has been that the main/sole source of Busch’s protected status was due to his father’s wealth and prestige as a GM bigwig. That may, or may not, have been true back in 1977. That theory does not explain the intense cover-up lasting decades after Busch’s death, the death of H. Lee and Elsie Busch, a cover-up that has manifested itself in the blatantly immoral and borderline criminal actions of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office to this day.

    No, something other than H. Lee’s money and influence is involved here.

    My guess?

    Chris Busch was an informant for a powerful law enforcement agency, probably related to the North Fox Island investigation. No agency could honestly investigate the OCCK’s case if the trail led back (however partially) to one of their own informants. That secret, that Busch was an informant for a powerful agency, would necessitate a cover-up for all time. I believe that is why this case has been deliberately botched.

    Further, if Chris Flynn was at the American Legion Hall on February 15, 1976, then he was the one who kidnapped Mark Stebbins. The Berkley PD would have been compromised, if they knew. Ray Anger’s reaction to the allegation to the presence of a Berkley PD officer in the 7-11 might (might) have been because he suspected it was true.

    We see from the Gary Gray timeline that there was some belief that Greg Green had some family or friends connection to Ferndale. If so, then it is possible that Green was Mark Stebbins’ kidnapper, but this seems unlikely, given that Green was pretty creepy looking then. No, Mark got into the car belonging to a person he trusted. If it was Flynn, then Flynn passed Mark around to Green and Busch at some point, and one of them killed him.

    Flynn is suspect because of the incredible nature of his “suicide”. He was found shot to death in his own squad car, a victim of two shots to the right side of his torso, with two different weapons! This should have screamed for investigation! How could he have shot himself like that? No one commits suicide that way!

    He clearly was shot in the right side by someone holding a gun, who then moments later, used Flynn’s own service weapon to shoot him again, near the original entrance wound. This person was sitting in the passenger sear up front in Flynn’s car. A person was seen in this very spot by a witness talking to Flynn shortly before he was killed.

    The non-reaction to Flynn’s murder by the Berkley PD means that at some level, the murder was condoned. Flynn had done something that meant he had to be silenced. Was he the “procurer”, the man who initially approached Stebbins and/or Mihelich and/or Robinson? If his name was on a list of people at the American Legion Hall that Sunday afternoon, then we have our answer.

    As always, Cathy, you and your family continue to have my deepest sympathies.

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