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I have gotten some amazingly insightful reader comments.  Some I post and others, by the writer’s request, I do not post.  One reader wrote to say that s/he was reading with an open mind, trying to make an objective appraisal of the information I presented.  Let me just say that I am not trying to convince anyone of anything on this case except that something is very, very wrong with this entire evil mess.  This same reader observed that the fact our family is having to use FOIA laws to get any kind of information in this case is obscene.  I couldn’t have said it better.  As the reader pointed out, in cases like Son of Sam and other serial killer cases from larger metropolitan areas, the police and feds have released virtually all information because they figure they have nothing to lose this many decades out.  

Yes, it is obscene.  And my Dad asked only for documents relating to the investigation into Busch and Green.  Had it been me, and if I had unlimited funds (given the abuses these agencies use in charging outrageous amounts of money to have some circus monkey with a black magic marker go through each page and black stuff out and then photocopy it), I would have asked for it all.  I have other FOIA documents relating to Fox Island and some of the records on Green were not a part of the FOIA request.  The FBI has “responded” to other FOIA requests in typical FBI fashion, and this will be the subject of future posts.  Typical total abusers of the FOIA laws–jerks to the nth degree.  I think I have already referred in passing to the best excuse for non production–a flood destroyed those files, but there have been other outrageous responses.  This agency is known for FOIA abuses.  

Bottom line–the fact that the families of four murdered kids (kidnapped, held alive for days and tortured, then murdered and dumped like garbage on roadsides for all to see), after 36 years of getting dusted off and manipulated, have to use FOIA laws and thousands and thousands of dollars to get someone to be straight with them, is in fact OBSCENE.  

So, as much as I’d like to post documents relating to other parts of the investigation–documents which under any rational reading of Michigan FOIA case law are public records–I don’t have them and I am not going to spend $14,000-plus to get the next installment.  I’m posting what I’ve got.  And I’m betting there is no secret stash of top-secret, hot-off-the-press tip sheets that I am missing out on anyway.  

I’m not trying to make the case that Busch and Green kidnapped and killed these kids.  I am trying to make the case that once all of this shit bubbled to the surface, someone owes us an explanation as to why they were ruled out as suspects.  I am also trying to make the case that, given what we know now, the fact that the OCCK case was never solved IS the story.  Apparently that is too much to wrap your head around, and no one wants to touch it.  As another astute reader observed, problems and errors ignored are problems and errors repeated down the road.  It is a given.  And no other kid should have to endure what these four kids did just because a lot of people have an interest in sweeping it under the rug.  

Finally, a reader observed that “it’s like these crimes never happened.”  How fucked up is that?!  Only in Oakland County, MI.  With that said, I am posting more documents about Busch and Green’s arrests in Michigan in January 1977, some 5-6 weeks before my brother was kidnapped and murdered.  

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  1. Trust me, Oakland County are experts in blacking out FOIA’d documents. I get so frustrated reading this because it shows a pattern. I just hope you keep releasing all this because it needs to be published to help other victims families who are trapped in this nightmare.

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