Fifty Bucks Gets You One Autopsy Protocol.

By Spring of 2010, I was so sick of getting jacked around, I figured I would just play by the rules any other dead person’s relative gets to play by. I sent the Wayne County ME fifty bucks and asked for Tim’s autopsy, the described procedure given on the WCME website. Go figure, less than a month later, I received the autopsy protocol. I bet you $10K the Oakland County jerks would not have responded likewise for the family members of the other three known victims of the OCCK. “Open [fucked up]case, can’t respond” and all of that.

The Wayne County ME didn’t play games; they sent me a 12-page report. Frankly, none of it was a surprise. A surprise did follow in May 2011 when we were interviewed for a show that aired on Investigative Discovery. These folks interviewed Werner Spitz, the Wayne County ME who conducted Tim’s autopsy (Tim, thank god, was found in Wayne County, not Oakland County). Spitz provided the interviewer his file notes, which of course were not in the documents provided to me. That’s another nine pages we didn’t see until May 2011. Nine pages that I will post, but don’t ask me any questions about the stuff. I know not and nobody has ever been asked to clarify shit about any of this. It will ruin your weekend, by the way, so consider deferring your reading.