Email from my Dad today. Important, if ultimately unanswerable, questions

After the Busch photograph was made public it is surprising the number of people who have contacted us with the information that he tried to pick them up [BOTH MALES AND FEMALES] when they were younger. If we got this many calls, how may more did the cops receive? Furthermore, Busch admitted to doing in more than 30 boys before January 28, 1977. This many kids were abused without one angry parent going public?

Why was he at Fox Island?

Is there any reference in; the material we have received that  indicates he was a procurer for others?

As I interjected in the email, BOTH men and women have come forward–to me, my Dad and a reporter, to say that after seeing Busch’s photo on the news, on the ID Dark Minds show, and on the web, that Busch attempted to lure them and/or abduct them.  One woman, whom I completely believe, says that after she saw Busch’s photos, it sickened her to the point of near incapacity because it was the person she saw driving a car with a little boy in the passenger seat who she is convinced was my brother on March 22, 1977, in the hours before his body was found by a roadside in Livonia.

Why was he at Fox Island?  Why indeed.  Maybe he was a nature lover, like Frank Shelden’s clients and the boys he tricked into making the trek to his private island.

I have seen nothing in the documents I have reviewed to support a contention that Busch procured children for other men.  But I will say this–liar, liar, pants on fire, Richard Lawson (now deceased, of course–another one bites the dust), convicted of multiple counts of CSC with minor boys and a partner of Ted Lamborgine’s, told my Dad he procured boys for H. Lee Busch, father of Chris Busch, and bigwig at GM for many decades.  He made this statement after all of the Busch stuff was in the news, of course, and who knows what the lying sack of shit had in mind when he made this statement, but that’s what he said.  Part of what he said all along was true–like the stuff about Detroit PD’s Ike McKinnon using this monster as a snitch and giving him a Get Out of Jail Free Card until Wayne County caught up with his nasty ass in the early 2000’s.

And, I am guessing angry parents kept their mouths shut when, like the GM employee whose daughter was flashed by Chris Busch on Mohegan during the OCCK era, they decided somebody like H. Lee could crush them if they made a stink.  And what about the kids who did press charges against Busch?  The ones who got hosed over a second time when the prosecutors and judges let Mr. Rogers/Model Citizen/Chris Busch WALK with probation and a promise to keep seeing his local psychiatrist.  That shrink would have been required by law to come forward in today’s world.  Back then, it was every man for himself.  Literally.  Kids went straight under the bus.