Legitimate points

Legitimate points/complaints made about my posts of autopsy notes have caused me to remove the posts.  Here are three points I want to make:

1.  Although i have the actual autopsy protocol, I did not post any pages from it; rather, I posted two of nine pages of the notes the ME had given to an investigative reporter.  He obviously thought that at this point it couldn’t hurt for other eyes to see this document.  

2.  As far as what I posted interfering with a prosecution–there isn’t going to be one, but I acknowledge the argument that the state police/OCP could use this as yet another excuse not to go forward with the investigation.  No one in either of those agencies is going forward with much of anything anyway, in my opinion, but I don’t want to hand them any excuse material.  So I am taking down the two pages I posted.  

3.  For those of you who read those two pages of notes, now you know how far off the moniker “The Babysitter” really is. 

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