Suggested Google Searches

Here are two search phrases used in the past 24 hours that resulted in hits on my blog.  Do your own Google search.  Pretty interesting.  

stichting paidika frank torey

lisa carrato parrott


I’ve gotten a few questions lately about comments to my posts.  Here are the Q & A’s:

1.  Do I post all comments?  No.  If the comment is off-the-charts wacky, hacks on another poster by name, or is too reminiscent of freak shows I have viewed on other sites, it’s going in the spam folder.

2.  Why?  Life is too short.

3.  Will I post comments from people who disagree with me?  Yes.

4.  Are some posters blocked from commenting?  Yes.  See #1 and #2, above.

5.  What if I want to comment, but not have the comment posted?  Start off your comment with :  PLEASE DO NOT POST.  Or, the more direct:  DON’T POST.

6.  Other reasons for not posting?  Sometimes, given the time of night the comment is made and the nature of it, I use my discretion to spare all involved, and don’t post.  If I didn’t post your comment and you want it posted or want to know why I didn’t post it, contact me and give me your email so I can respond.

6.  What about regrets?  If you’ve had a few (and who hasn’t?), or just decide you later want your post taken down, send me another comment and simply ask that the post be removed.  I get it.