I’ve gotten a few questions lately about comments to my posts.  Here are the Q & A’s:

1.  Do I post all comments?  No.  If the comment is off-the-charts wacky, hacks on another poster by name, or is too reminiscent of freak shows I have viewed on other sites, it’s going in the spam folder.

2.  Why?  Life is too short.

3.  Will I post comments from people who disagree with me?  Yes.

4.  Are some posters blocked from commenting?  Yes.  See #1 and #2, above.

5.  What if I want to comment, but not have the comment posted?  Start off your comment with :  PLEASE DO NOT POST.  Or, the more direct:  DON’T POST.

6.  Other reasons for not posting?  Sometimes, given the time of night the comment is made and the nature of it, I use my discretion to spare all involved, and don’t post.  If I didn’t post your comment and you want it posted or want to know why I didn’t post it, contact me and give me your email so I can respond.

6.  What about regrets?  If you’ve had a few (and who hasn’t?), or just decide you later want your post taken down, send me another comment and simply ask that the post be removed.  I get it.