Big Surprise.


Gacy DNA test results in Oakland County Child Killer case – YouTube
Gacy DNA test results in Oakland County Child Killer case.

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  1. Jessie Kanehl says:

    It boggles my mind why news stations always have to throw out things about this case that never amounts to anything newsworthy! They do it for their own selfish reason – ratings grab! What they fail to realize is that there are families who have to live with this day by day and minute by minute. It only reopened wounds and hurts that can never be healed until they get justice. Only in this case, justice will never happen because the person responsible is DEAD!

  2. cathybroad says:

    The teaser for this story: “Coming tonight on 7 Action News at 11, four children kidnapped and murdered. We’ll tell you about new information in the decades old case of the Oakland County child killer! What the investigators have uncovered—all new!, at 11.”

  3. Judi Coltman says:

    The bigger surprise is when it is stated that they are still actively investigating theses cases. Seriously?

  4. This is the one thing about the Doug Wilson interview that doesn’t make sense (and loses credibility). Gacy must have been in his 30’s in 1977 & the guy Wilson saw staring at him from inside a Pontiac (Chatham market) was at least 20-30 years older. It is a good thing that they ran DNA tests and are hopefully able to eliminate at least one suspect off the huge list.

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