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Legitimate points/complaints made about my posts of autopsy notes have caused me to remove the posts.  Here are three points I want to make:

1.  Although i have the actual autopsy protocol, I did not post any pages from it; rather, I posted two of nine pages of the notes the ME had given to an investigative reporter.  He obviously thought that at this point it couldn’t hurt for other eyes to see this document.  

2.  As far as what I posted interfering with a prosecution–there isn’t going to be one, but I acknowledge the argument that the state police/OCP could use this as yet another excuse not to go forward with the investigation.  No one in either of those agencies is going forward with much of anything anyway, in my opinion, but I don’t want to hand them any excuse material.  So I am taking down the two pages I posted.  

3.  For those of you who read those two pages of notes, now you know how far off the moniker “The Babysitter” really is. 

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  1. Truth Seeker says:

    Cathy, I noticed on Page 2, the note at the bottom says “swabs negative for sperm per Spitz and Hauncher (SIC?)!”

    I have heard the same about Mark Stebbins, To me, this is big because SURELY pedophiles would have left sperm somewhere on their bodies. Also, why then were the two girls abducted? To me, these murder was done by a different kind of sicko. He was a cold calculating killer with a very unusual ax to grind/motive.. If he had help, it would have probably been from another family member (or spouse). If more than one killer, it cold have been like the Boston bombers with little brother following around big brother and agreeing with his disturbed motive of kidnapping, abusing and killing children in the area.

    Thanks for your blog. I always look forward to your entries.

  2. Jessie Kanehl says:

    I seriously doubt it!

    Jessie Kanehl

  3. cory says:

    The best thing the Oakland County Prosecutor can do to help further the case is to stay out of the way. She screws up everything she touches and has no idea how to deal with human beings. No business being a prosecutor! I know for a fact that The Wayne County Prosecutors Office and the State Police are actively investigating the case. Cooper has no sincere agenda when it comes to solving the case! She showed whats she’s all about when she released evidence to he media in our current investigation so she could get re-elected. Really hurt investigators that were tryin to talk to witnesses and slowed down the investigation. thanks jessica, that was real bright.

  4. Truth Seeker says:

    We haven’t heard anything from the Wayne County investigators in the press for quite a while. Have they been divulging information to all of the victims familes on what they have found and the directon they are going? I mean, even though Wayne County may be actively investigating the case, its been 36 years without an arrest.

    Jesscia – not sure what you meant by “I seriously doubt it”. Doubt what, please?

    • cory says:

      Alright “truth seeker,” I’m going to assist you in your search for he truth. There has indeed been one arrest made in connection with the OCCK case and that was in 2006 by Wayne County. A pedophile named Ted Lamborgine was discovered during Wayne Counties investigation into the child killings. Ted is currently serving 3 life sentences for raping 14 boys in the Detroit area in the mid 1970’s. Although no charges resulted against Ted for the OCCK case. A pedophile was off the street & well worth the 2 years of work to prosecute him. You can thank Kym Worthy for that. One last thing to think about. Does no one else find it strange that over the course of 36 years of investigating the child killings no other pedophiles have ever been charged and information extracted from them? Cmon! Give me break! You cant tell me that the police in 1976-78 didnt talk to and investigate hundreds of pedophiles during their search for the killer, yet no one was ever charged till Lamborgine! Wow, amazing!

  5. Truth Seeker says:

    Cory, I meant no arrest of the OCCK. The arrest and conviction of 72 year old Ted Lamborgine is great, albeit 30 plus years too late. Although the scumbag is probably no longer a danger to society due to his age, he needs to pay the price for his actions. I applaud Wayne County for this arrest and conviction.

    Let me ask a couple of questions if I may.
    1) How many known cases are there of pedophiles who go after both male and female children? I have read some in LE say they have never heard of a similar case. IMO, these murders were done by a mean, sadistic KILLER, first and foremost. Jill Robinson was shot in the head. The two boys were assaulted (post-mortem with an object?) yet no sperm was found. There was of course, mental torture with these children. I think the killer had been around violence in his life and had gone thru a lot of mental anguish as a child. Now, he may have known or worked with a pedophile(s) (eg. Art Sloan, Chris Busch) so there may be a connection but most likely wasn’t one himself.

    2) Cory, how close is the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in making an arrest of the OCCK?(assuming you are Cory from the Livonia Police Dept). If you were to use a football analogy are we at the 50 yard line? Inside the Red Zone (20 yard line) or are we close to the goal line? How many yards to the end zone?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    • mbk says:

      Those who have had access to the autopsy reports know that Tim was raped repeatedly. Perhaps he was also raped post-mortem with an object as well. The fact that there was no sperm evident – might have been a couple of days since the last rape. When the cops arrested Busch, he had girl’s panties in his possession. This is noted in FOIA documents. I also bet that the photos and 8mm film found in his suitcase (that all went missing, WTF?) were pics of small kids, male and female. Whoever did this might have been procuring small children for others.

  6. cory says:

    Truth Seeker, as far as how close Wayne County is to making an arrest, I can only say that they continue to work as hard as they did during the Lamborgine investigation in 2005, the Busch & Greene investigation in 2007-2009 and continue to work the Sloan lead along with other leads. I hope other agencies in Oakland County are putting in the same effort! If so, with luck, someone will solve it. The families deserve it. Now, about pedophiles imterested in both boys & girls I don’t think its as rare as once thought. Busch for example was not only molesting young boys, but showing porn to young girls in his neighborhood.

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