Email from my Dad today. Important, if ultimately unanswerable, questions

After the Busch photograph was made public it is surprising the number of people who have contacted us with the information that he tried to pick them up [BOTH MALES AND FEMALES] when they were younger. If we got this many calls, how may more did the cops receive? Furthermore, Busch admitted to doing in more than 30 boys before January 28, 1977. This many kids were abused without one angry parent going public?

Why was he at Fox Island?

Is there any reference in; the material we have received that  indicates he was a procurer for others?

As I interjected in the email, BOTH men and women have come forward–to me, my Dad and a reporter, to say that after seeing Busch’s photo on the news, on the ID Dark Minds show, and on the web, that Busch attempted to lure them and/or abduct them.  One woman, whom I completely believe, says that after she saw Busch’s photos, it sickened her to the point of near incapacity because it was the person she saw driving a car with a little boy in the passenger seat who she is convinced was my brother on March 22, 1977, in the hours before his body was found by a roadside in Livonia.

Why was he at Fox Island?  Why indeed.  Maybe he was a nature lover, like Frank Shelden’s clients and the boys he tricked into making the trek to his private island.

I have seen nothing in the documents I have reviewed to support a contention that Busch procured children for other men.  But I will say this–liar, liar, pants on fire, Richard Lawson (now deceased, of course–another one bites the dust), convicted of multiple counts of CSC with minor boys and a partner of Ted Lamborgine’s, told my Dad he procured boys for H. Lee Busch, father of Chris Busch, and bigwig at GM for many decades.  He made this statement after all of the Busch stuff was in the news, of course, and who knows what the lying sack of shit had in mind when he made this statement, but that’s what he said.  Part of what he said all along was true–like the stuff about Detroit PD’s Ike McKinnon using this monster as a snitch and giving him a Get Out of Jail Free Card until Wayne County caught up with his nasty ass in the early 2000’s.

And, I am guessing angry parents kept their mouths shut when, like the GM employee whose daughter was flashed by Chris Busch on Mohegan during the OCCK era, they decided somebody like H. Lee could crush them if they made a stink.  And what about the kids who did press charges against Busch?  The ones who got hosed over a second time when the prosecutors and judges let Mr. Rogers/Model Citizen/Chris Busch WALK with probation and a promise to keep seeing his local psychiatrist.  That shrink would have been required by law to come forward in today’s world.  Back then, it was every man for himself.  Literally.  Kids went straight under the bus.

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  1. Am I recalling correctly reports after the search of the cottage that Busch’s brother Charles would only agree to talk to police about what he knew if the family was placed in witness protection?

    1. The cottage at Ess Lake was never searched. It was torn down after a “lightning strike” in the past few years, after Livonia PD and Wayne County went up north asking questions about the property. The cottage had long-since been sold by the Busch family, I believe. I need to get the details on how that all went down–I am just going from memory here.

      Charles Busch was interviewed by the FBI in New York in April 2008, some six months before a search warrant was executed on 3310 Morning View Terrace, owned by Chris Busch’s parents during the relevant time period. An FBI report dated April 25, 2008 states:

      “Busch was cooperative during his interview, but indicated his anxiety and apprehension towards any recall of his brother CHRIS BUSCH’S suicide, and any involvement CHRIS could have had in captioned investigation. BUSCH requested that the following be executed should positive results be obtained with his DNA, and/or any public announcement naming CHRIS BUSCH as the Oakland County Child Killer:
      1. Direct notification to him and his wife prior to this announcement.
      2. The utilization of Detroit Victim Witness personnel to the survivors of his brother, *****, who currently reside in Michigan.
      3. Refraining from any public announcement specifically naming [him] as a contributor of a family DNA profile.
      As a guarantee of these conditions were crucial to the obtainment of BUSCH’S sample, New York requests that Detroit coordinate this with New York, if at all necessary. New York considers this lead covered.”
      FOIA documents 02251-52.

  2. Now here’s a good one. I can read your post loud and clear but when I click the Comment button I get the page that says “You are looking for something that isn’t there”. Well, anyway, if Busch senior was interested in kids himself, FINALLY I am convinced that there was enough social fear to keep the Busch investigation minimal. I don’t think LE would have kept hands off of Chris if it was just this one schmuck.


  3. They’ve made it perfectly clear that more than one person was suspected-other than Busch- by the color of the fibers they hope to match to the cars. They knew a ring was operating in the area.

    The girl with two hairs in her mouth. Two buttons were undone: 1,3…leaving the second one to fasten the shirt.

    Blue paint, yellow carpet (?), red carpet…what else?

  4. It would make perfect sense if Chris Busch had somehow been procuring boys for his father, because that would mean that H. Lee Busch was protecting himself rather than just the family’s name. If Richard Lawson were telling the truth about Busch’s father, then that implicates Lamborghine as well, because this was Lawson’s first person that he tried to pin the OCCK on. By the same reasoning that the Flint P.D. had as far as Greg Green looking more of a suspect by naming Chris Busch as the OCCK, I think Richard Lawson has to be considered a major suspect in this case because of his eagerness to place blame on others, & yet he had more CSC’s than Lamborghine (call the kettle black).

  5. Just speculation here, just becoming familiar with the case, but a lot of the abductions seem to have occurred within an easy driving distance of Southfield where “ed” sloan resided while working as a mechanic in Farmington Hills, and hairs from some of the crimes match one found in his car, I’ve known mechanics who have loaned out cars to friends or family, is it possible his (sloans) father or someone at the auto shop was involved too? Perhaps in the child pedo ring ed and his cars or shop were used to grab victims? Perhaps even the blue gremlin was seen was one being worked on at ed’s shop at one point but he used it or someone else to try and pick up kids? Also, as disturbing as this thought is. . . laying the children out where they are clothed, and in a “proper” pose seems almost like something a female would do, male’s don’t think in “motherly” ways but it seems as though the manner in which these poor sweet babies were laid is how one mother would want another to “discover” their child, as odd as that seems I think there was a female involved that originally covered for or knew what was going on and was the one who may have laid these poor souls out. It makes me wonder if this child pedophile operation was being conducted at an auto shop, warehouse, home, or cabin and at some point a woman (wife, mother, etc) was involved and disposed of the children after discovering them. Perhaps the hair in sloan’s car was not someone who was involved in the killings, but involved in laying out the bodies because they felt guilty? Just a thought, but if I had to guess as well, I think Busch was assaulted and passed around by his own father until he got too old and was tasked with finding others to fulfill his dads and dads business partners needs, Busch may even have been forced to do things on video or in photos for a while as well, who knows..but I do think they need to look into women who would have been involved in this case as well and a larger-scale ring including sites that may have been used to film or photograph the children. 🙁

  6. It follows that Busch photographed. He had those rolls of film on his person, which were…confiscated? Richards photographed – and hypnotized. I would bet that a photographer was quite an asset in this schema. Where would Busch have hoped to get these developed – or are we to believe he was merely a hobbyist or a courier? The Scoutmasters in NOLA used a photo-hut, of course, but that would have become an exception after their apprehension. Was any dark room equipment ever found in any of the raids and searches?

    Many of these filming scenarios involve remote or adjacent “observation” chambers (Craig Spence’s DC operation, for instance, with its two way mirror) and secret rooms (Busch’s walled in pantry and dumbwaiter: any indication when those walls were built – say, right before the Busch family moved? – and Greene’s father’s home in Flint). Hidden cameras were a thing. Processing film would have been a thing, too. Was Christopher Busch an early tenant of that pantry himself? Could have been, if Lawson’s allegations about Busch Sr. have merit.

    Also ubiquitous in these operations were drugs: Spence’s massive dispensary of cocaine, observed and recorded by journalists; Corll’s prodigious supply of weed, attested to by Henley; Gacy’s scramble, as he was being followed by police, throwing the pot on his person at people as he ran here and there, trying, presumably, to get rid of it before law enforcement got their hands on him; strange thing to worry about when 29 bodies are buried under your house; until you consider it was a LOT of marijuana, enough to suggest a regular enough connection that you could always take a sizable supply on your travels and errands). Distribution of drugs and pornography of this volume are usually associated with organized crime elements, which in turn have made inroads into law enforcement and politics throughout the years. We know Michigan was likely crawling with organized crime: before he disappeared, Hoffa said he was writing a book (always a bad idea to publicize this); he accused his successor, Fitzsimmons, of “selling out to mobsters” and giving large, low- and no-interest loans from Teamster pension funds to mob-related businesses.

    Recall Robert Maxwell, who at the time of his death had been caught stealing his employees’ pensions at quite a large scale, and was involved in something which seemed a lot like a blackmail operation, inherited by his daughter, who shredded documents on her father’s yacht before the authorities arrived. As Gacy allegedly told a young man who filmed his wedding and often took pictures of Gacy (in clown garb, etc), there’s a lot of money to be made photographing homosexuals.

    This number of boys without an angry protest makes sense when you remember the visits Mrs. Busch made to the houses of victims, according to her own grandchild. There was a lot at stake for the family, what with GM’s situation throughout the 70’s – first during Nixon, then Ford – and a vocal/activism-inclined older homosexual son.

    You also have Jane Burgess running around at some point. Who all else was Busch confessing and/or bragging to besides Wasser? Someone like McKinney, whose compartmentalized life involved congress with “troubled” individuals?

    I’m just going to bury this here, out of sight: Apologies to Jr., but you don’t blatantly misreport the way Robertson did by accident. Yes, okay, many jurisdictions, evidence stretched across them. But that report was two things – an arrow to GM, and an arrow to law enforcement, which meant an arrow to everyone else involved beyond those entities.

    A recent example would be Barr’s public summarization of the Mueller Report, which mischaracterized its contents and findings to such a degree that had it been a blue Gremlin he was talking about, no one would be able to think of anything else, even when faced with a red Buick. This is a well-known tactic.

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