6 thoughts on “Page 2 of Charlotte L. Day’s MSP State Lab Report on the Homicide of Mark Stebbins.”

  1. Ok, Charlotte. Let’s see; “[t]he dog hairs are very similar to dog hairs ON THE BLANKET USED TO COVER THE BODY AND CERTAINLY THIS IS A POSSIBLE SOURCE OF THE HAIRS ON THE CLOTHING, ESPECIALLY SINCE RELATIVELY FEW WERE FOUND.” White wool fibers are common and many are present on the blanket. this blanket is also the probable source of the blue wool and may well very well be the source of any of the foreign fibers and hairs recovered from the clothing.”

  2. I also wonder about the blue paint on Mark’s boots. Was it similar to blue paint allegedly on Jill’s bike?

  3. It irks me that the report so frequently jumps to the conclusion that “this is probably of questionable value”. It’s like they are trying not to find evidence. And what about this blanket? Didn’t the perp leave it????

  4. Wonder if the person that may have been seen near Robinson’s body-car with dings and dents-used a shade tree paint and body person living in the area these first three children went missing from who worked out of his garage?

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