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    • According to the 2008 search warrant, Charles Busch told FBI Agent Thomas MacDonald that the Busch parents owned a “white haired Welsh Terrier” and that Chris Busch owned a “light tan colored dog.”

  1. Additional evidence is received on January 3, 1977, one day after victim number three, Kristine Mihelich, was abducted in Berkley, MI. The killers had a busy Christmas/New Year vacation.

    • This sums it up:

      The News article went on to explain that with “posted rewards totaling $70,000, Spreen said, people began ‘to use the case as a lottery. Parents turned in sons, brothers turned in brothers, and church members turned in their pastors. To date [August 2, 1977] the task force has 12,000 tips on suspects, with 5,500 closed and over 6,000 have not been checked.’” Spreen went on to state that “‘[s]ome departments were virtually using the task force as a training experience for their personnel. Chiefs were committing rookie detectives and patrol officers to investigate the homicides and were rotating their personnel periodically to allow everyone to participate in the investigation.’”

      Did Michigan have a lottery at that time? What about Indian Reservations on which they are proud to sit on and commit their crimes?

      These are often used as training centers for police and non-police. Like the man said: If he is paranoid he won’t kill again. …(So why not make everyone paranoid and sick and bring down the homicide rate-as if it was really high in the affluent area).

    • This blanket I believe was in Jill’s knapsack, but the van is very puzzling. First time reading about any van in these cases. Vans are notorious in the 1970’s for several things:

      1. Serial killers that had accomplices used vans (Bonin, Corrl).
      2. Serial killers working as tandem used vans (Toolbox Killers).
      3. Serial killers preying on hitchhikers used vans (SRHMurders).
      4. Satanist cults were often believed to be in vans.

      One thing that should be noted in comparison with hitchhikers being abducted & murdered in vans is the vulnerabilty of all 4 OCCK victims:

      1. Mark Stebbins was walking alone from American Legion Hall after not receiving any money from his mother. He wasn’t very disappointed, of course, but if he had hoped to receive money & was turned down by mother, just think of how easy it could of been for him to go with abductor(s) if they had mentioned “having money” to spend on him. I believe that these people had seen Mark in the American Legion Hall & if they heard his discussion with his mother or even “guessed” at what was said (if they were watching him) then the chances of manipulating a discussion towards money could have happened on the short walk home. A very important question in hindsight to ask Mike Stebbins, would be “did you notice anyone leave the American Legion Hall within two minutes of his brother’s departure?

      2. Jill Robinson had an argument with her mother about doing some chores & was told to “get out until she could be a part of the family,” so her vulnerability would have been highest of all four victims. She would have been emotional, second guessing her actions, & confused. If a van was used to abduct her it may be because women were seen in that van, or possibly offwork policeman. She would have been easy prey for the latter, going by what had happened with her mother & especially if she was procrastinating on going over to her father’s house.

      3. Kristine Mihalic was on her first walk to the store by herself, and this also makes her quite vulnerable, albeit not as much as Jill was. In fact, her vulnerability should have made her so very cautious of strangers, and this is why the theory of policeman abducting these children (or at least Kristine) is very plausible. Supposedly, the officer who committed “suicide” only six days before Chris Busch did, was seen in the area of Kristine a few moments before her abduction. This could be a good reason to ehy no eutnesses had seen anything “suspicious” as far as the abduction of Kristine. A police officer talking to her would not have aroused suspicion as if a stranger had approached her. If he sensed that she was nervous from her first walk by herself, and had stopped to talk to her, it would have been over right then & there. A killer (policeman) would have said “you are too young to be walking by yourself, Kristine. C’mon, get in the car, & I will take you to your mom’s work so that I can talk to her” (about letting Kristine walk alone). He could have even invoked Jill’s murder in a neighboring city as an example of why it is not safe for her to walk alone. She was also the youngest out of all four victims.

      4. Timothy King would have been the least vulnerable of the 4 victims for several reasons. He had both his mother and father raising him, had been given money by his sister, and had been warned in detail about an abduction taking place. Timothy still had some measure of vulnerabilty, however, as his parents & his siblings all had plans on that evening, and even though the window (timespan) of him being alone wasn’t a very long time, it still would have meant something to an eleven year old boy. Even if he had already been allowed to walk alone to the store at night or even to just remain at home by himself, there still is a measure of vulnerability with all five of his family members doing separate things on that night. It was a tragic night where everyone in his family had plans, and this would have made it seem as if he had to have something more than just riding his skateboard to the drugstore. These guys that talked to Timothy in the parking lot most likely didn’t approach him about having any money. The person who was sern talking to Timothy in the parking lot had a baseball cap on, & I believe that it was part of an act. Timothy had a hockey coat on and probably left out the back door of the drugstore to do a few quick runs in one of the parking lot’s with his skateboard. There is a good possibility of these guys telling Timothy

      • (continued) about a really cool place to ride a skateboard, with the reasoning that they would even take him there. The chance of Timothy even realizing that there was more than one person in that parking lot was pretty small. The guy that he talked to in the parking lot most likely either gave him a ride himself or the two of them walked somewhere together. There is still the very good chance that the guy in the Pontiac that Doug Wilson saw had nothing to do eith this abduction. Mr. Wilson may have at some point of reasoning blurred these two events together out of his own misgivings about the guy in the Pontiac. Evidence at this scene doesn’t support these two events as being a part of each other. Was there a possibility of another abductor being in that parking lot? Most likely there was, but I believe that the chances of an off duty policeman or of a van that may of had a woman or some teenagers in it is an even higher possibility. A very strong possibility exists that this abductor knew who these four children were, in some way or another. If there was a way to find out if Mark, Jill, Kristine, & Timothy ever went to a same type of church function, summer camp, spelling bees, YMCA’s, Boys& Girls Clubs, Boy/Girl Scouts, Eagles, whatever. It doesn’t have to be at the same time or even in the same city, but if all four children were members of say, Boys & Girls Club Program somewhere & at some time, then the possibilities of someone in that program being involved in the OCCK goes up by at least 50%. In fact, it would place that person far above Busch, Green Gunnels, Bennett, Lamborghine, Lawson, Sloan, Norberg by an enormous amount (statistics), even if they are all involved as a “suspect(s). We are no longer looking for the “suspects” in the OCCK case, because they are all intrinsically connected to one another (except maybe Norberg). What we are looking for here is the source. Find that source (statistics do not lie) and then it will be easier to find the evidence, because you will know what you are looking for. The truth exists in that county, you just are going to have to be able to find it. Keep searching.

  2. Green, IIRC, drove a brown ’74 van. It looked as though someone started to write…blue…..

    A blanket? WTH?!! They supplied blankets?

    Did the paint on the bike match the paint on a boy’s shoe?

    I noticed viewing some of the blatantly staged photos of Busch’s house that an area was bright yellow and bright blue. This is where he stored useless luggage, ropes, and hiking boots. Just seemed out of place considering the decor of the bedroom they displayed-even the wood stain appeared different.

    But, who’s to say that whomever loaded a clip with 22 bullets and prepared the shotgun didn’t also set the stop on the storm door on the way out the garage since both doors were wide open. I don’t know much about guns, and didn’t know shotguns used clips.

    I’d check the local Dutchboy.

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