Case 3, p 2 of 8

Case 3, p 2 of 8

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  1. If that’s the wheel base, it sounds like a larger car or van/truck.

  2. Are they sure she was killed by smothering? I know in cases where someone is killed using a choke hold it often gets written down as smothering. In the Wayne Williams case, he had murdered several victims including children, teens, and even young adults, sometimes with ligatures, and choke holds. The deaths often got written down officially as smothering. The same with serial killer Gary Ridgway. He put victims in a choke hold, catching them in the crook of his arm.

    To me the bruising on one side of the face, and the nose, sound like a possible choke hold.

    • Believe that she could have been injured from smothering if she had squirmed for her life and a big man (Busch) put the weight of his body against her while asphyxiating her. This is what I believe happened to her.

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