The Tim King Fund

The Tim King Fund

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  1. Terry B, and all you other similar freaks, you just don’t get it. I don’t have access to jack shit. The cops don’t answer my calls, they don’t give me answers, they don’t give me evidence. The OCP, Jessica Cooper, has numerous times told my Dad, among other things, that I am ignorant. You might think we have an inroad, but we most assuredly do not. Until we knew what we knew now, we were easy to dust off. Now, we just get nothing. If you want evidence, file a FOIA request and see how you fare. How dare you badger me for answers to questions I have no way of answering?! Oh yeah, crime victims have special access–GET REAL! Not in Oakland County Michigan, not in a case where the MSP blew it, and the FBI is willing to lay low, too! Like I said–how dare you? Like these dogs give us any real information? And then you and people like you hassle me for weeks, months, years, because I can’t give you answers. Armchair detectives. I would gladly change places with you. Never contact me again.

    • The “armchair detectives” would drive me totally nuts if I were a victim’s family member (because they do anyways), but the calling this blog “a hoax” was over the top. What gives these people fascinated with serial killers, CSI, forensic psychology, (or whatever makes them “knowledgeable”) the right to argue with a victim’s family member. I totally disagree with “Bob’s” assessment of the Legion Hall Serial Killer(s) theory because of the differences of those eleven “unconfirmed murders” to the “confirmed four” of the OCCK, but I would never argue a point with Kristine’s mother (Deborah Jarvis) over it. She is that poor little girl’s mother (who was robbed of all these years). I would support her in whatever she believed and not try to change her mind about it. If she had a blog and let me state what I believe then great. If not, then life goes on, but to hassle any of OCCK victim’s family members just seems so absurd to me.

  2. Reading that letter reminds me of how strong our Dad – and Mom – had to be in dealing with all of this. It is really incredible, especially when you see the date – a mere 4 weeks after their youngest child is kidnapped and murdered in a most horrific way.

  3. Cathy, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Seoul, South Korea

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