2 thoughts on “Letter of 10-23-06, 1 of 3”

  1. I don’t know why Robertson wanted to find somebody with BOTH a Gremlin and a Pontiac. Am I missing something or just plain stupid? Don’t the reports of two different cars indicate two different drivers and at least two perps? I know, Cathy, you are not a fan of the pedophile club idea but this bit with the cars is one indication of it. I am pretty sure somebody was the “designated driver” for the “pickup” and a different person in a different car was the driver for the “drop off”. What an incredibly easy way to confuse the police. And what a good way to make sure everybody has something to hide and every reason to clam up.

  2. Going on a statistical outlook, either one of three would apply here:

    1. The OCCK had a collection of Pontiac’s.
    2. The witness at Jill’s drop-off wasn’t accurate (model & year).
    3. The GM manufacturers & engineers were way off.

    I am guessing it would either be 1 or 2, but with Chris Busch’s father being a GM executive, nothing is real assuring with this.

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