Letter from me to my brothers dated 10-23-06

In October 2006 I was visiting my Dad and he showed me letters he had received from retired Det./Lt. Jack Kalbfleisch, who had worked on the OCCK task force while a member of the Birmingham, MI PD.  When the task force got fired up again in 2005, he contacted two men assigned to the task force, Det./Sgt. Ray Anger (Berkley PD) and Det./Sgt. Garry Gray (MSP) to discuss information he felt had never adequately been made public and other avenues of investigation that might prove fruitful with technological advances over the decades.  They blew him off.  Jack then contacted a reporter with The Detroit News, Mike Martindale, to suggest he look into the information  the task force wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.  Martindale did speak with Garry Gray, but got the run-around and went away too quickly.  

Jack then reluctantly sent a letter to my Dad along with correspondence documenting what he felt the task force had ignored and was continuing to ignore in its most recent reincarnation.  I read the material, asked my Dad if he minded if I called Jack to discuss it.  He said “feel free,” but that he had forwarded it all to the Birmingham PD.  After receiving the letter from my brother’s old classmate a few months earlier, I had some idea of what Bham PD would do with this information:  Nothing.  

I called Jack and then arranged to have a conference call with him and my brothers.  What follows is a three-page letter summarizing what we discussed.  

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  1. The thing that is really disturbing is that Det. Sgt. Ray Anger in the “Dark Minds” episode on the “Babysitter Killer” had walked over to a brick wall and started kicking it when he was talking about “Kristine’s abduction” & that she had been friends with his own children. He had appeared really touched by the OCCK & he also went with L. Brooks Patterson to exhume Norberg’s remains (in 1999). Was this all an act on his part? …or was he just frustrated because he “knows” that nothing legitimate will ever be done by the OCCK Task Force?

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