Page 2 of 5 page letter.

Page 2 of 5 page letter.

“She never wavered from that story and every few years would call the police to see if they wanted her story again.”

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  1. Very alarming that Birmingham Police was never interested in this story, as it has me on edge right now.

    • cathybroad says:

      At a minimum many in that agency knew WTF Chris Busch was doing at Pembroke Park and many other locations in their jurisdiction. He got a pass. Their buddies at Bloomfield Township PD suck much more. All you have to do is read the “suicide” report by that agency when they showed up at Chris Busch’s staged suicide. They didn’t even collect the shotgun Busch used to kill himself and later came calling and let H. Lee Busch (the father and bigwig at GodAlmighty GM) sign a hand written receipt “promising” he would drop the weapon off for testing. You can’t tell me the Oakland County prosecutor at the time, L. Brooks Patterson and his #2, Richard Thompson, didn’t know this fuck was a sex offender who was getting away with just short of murder and sentencing kids in that county to a lifetime of misery after such abuse. I hate both of them and I hope when they look at their grandkids and great grandkids that at some deep level, they realize their actions and failures to act seriously injured hundreds of children who were victimized by Chris Busch and his partner Greg Green (and many others operating in Oakland Co. back in the day). Same goes for the weak judges in Oakland County back then (and today). Whether or not Chris Busch was involved in the OCCK crimes, he got a pass from numerous agencies and courts around the entire state of Michigan and all involved in passing the buck are responsible for the many, many rapes and other violations he perpetrated on subsequent underage boys and perhaps girls. They, like Chris Busch’s attorney and her polygrapher, couldn’t say no to H. Lee Busch, so they live with the taint of their weakness, whether they acknowledge it in their narcissistic, privileged bubbles.

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