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  1. Catherine:

    This just keeps underlying everything we have gone through with asking another agency to intervene. THEY JUST WILL NOT EVER DO THAT. Police agencies are worse than communists. They have total control and no one can tell them what to do. It is a no win situation. The perpetrator who has money connections never get caught. The buy their way out of it. I don’t care if it is the local, state or federal level. Corruption corrupts completely and absolutely. I just never go away to keep being a thorn in their side. I just know it won’t ever get us anywhere. As long as you know that going in otherwise you will get burned out and give up. You must never give up!

    Jessie Kanehl

  2. It sounds like there may have been a drug/burglary ring in the area. The blue Gremlin would have been important since an accurate description was rendered as being the last known person to talk to TK.

    However, it doesn’t mean there weren’t a few in the parking lot casing the drug store or casing customers leaving the drug store and grocery store. One latched on to a woman. That’s self-explanatory. Obviously someone latched on to a little boy. They may have been mining the area. Would there have been a reason for so many odd balls to be in there at the same time? Big sale? Bar nearby? Increased income to some in the area? Shipment at drug store of something in demand?

    Did they demonstrate means to communicate with each other? Radio? Phone? Flashing headlights in code? (popular in my area)

    Perhaps someone ran upon TK on his way home. Can anyone at the American Legion identify these people?

  3. “I cannot know this information and do nothing about it”

    is a term that can used for Ann Marie Burr also. She is also in a very similar situation as the OCCK & there is alot that needs to be uncovered just so that she can be found. 53 years is very long time to leave a murdered child underneath the university hall, but these people will be faced with having to spend both time & money on excavating her. Judges are real people who have children of their own, and they are able to issue warrants for excavations like this. The OCCK seems to be a bit harder as far as having to use a judge for anything, but somehow I think that it will be a judge who will have to stand up to the OCP and the MSP and take control. I am not sure what the issue will be, but I do believe that a campaign to win over a judge will be the deciding factor in the OCCK investigation & the downfall of the “Task Force’s” secrets all these years.

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