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  1. Because during the period in which Tim was missing, the police asked the public to be on the lookout for a “small blue car with a white stripe”, based on a statement from Marjorie Hoffman, a witness at the Hunter-Maple Pharmacy. That’s the reason the blue Gremlin has stuck in people’s memories as long as it has–it was one of the key talking points from law enforcement during an intensive six-day manhunt. Finding a blue Gremlin might help to find Tim.

    When no arrest was made after Tim was found, there was no reason to believe that the killer would suddenly stop abducting children. Parents and children were warned not only of “stranger danger”, but of the fact that there was a killer on the loose who reportedly drove a blue Gremlin.

    It’s important to remember–this is more than a whodunit. People remember these details, no so that they might play armchair detective in 2013, but because back in 1977, they were afraid.

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