Page 4 of 5 page letter.

Page 4 of 5 page letter.

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    • Helen is a badass and I mostly respect her motivations. She, like quite a few people along this horrible path, ultimately kind of fucked me over, but that’s the way this shit works. But I still smile when I think of her getting shut down by the MSP and going online–and I mean way back when, before all this stuff erupted online. So yeah, I have a healthy respect. She’s a big reason why I took a hard look at this joke of a case after trusting police for almost 30 years. But I’m way past eating any shit from anybody, so we have been done for a long time. A lot of people have their fingers in this case and will shred anyone who disagrees with them or is perceived to go sideways, and that includes law enforcement. Do I get any slack because I am actually victim’s family member? No way. I’m used to it by now. I give info, get nothing in return. Treated like shit by most cops, a few prosecutors and some web enthusiasts alike. Taken advantage of, too. It all make sense if you have the big picture. People use the info for their own purposes; nothing really ever advances. It’s pretty crazy, which explains why I took a break from posting. It’s like coming up for air and feeling great; then this shit requires diving deep, no oxygen. And you would understand that if you saw what I see and don’t allow/post here. A lot of people are off the deep end. I’m not, and I don’t care to join them.

      • I responded to this on the following day, but I was at work and the wifi stopped working as I sent it, so I lost it. Yesterday had responded again with a very long post but it never went here, not even “waiting for moderation” so it wasn’t something on your end. I do not know what happened, but I guess that it just isn’t supposed to to be posted to public forum…

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