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Page 5 of 5.

What will follow is the correspondence as I received it. See what you think you would do with it if it landed at your door.

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  1. bitamoney says:

    Because there is apparently no one in LE who can be trusted, I would be feeling very helpless upon receiving such a letter. Who will follow up on the reported events? Very very frustrating I’m sure.
    The problem I have with Helen, her attitude and her site is that she has some “history” and it isn’t good. Plus she is aggressively insulting and possessive about the OCCK case, as though it belongs to HER.And the several others who post on the web about Pontiacs and other subjects all come across as mentally unhinged. Why should that be? Why should nut jobs and good information go hand in hand? That makes no sense at all. But when you read the stuff that’s what you see.

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