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  1. Andrew Wellman says:

    It is (maybe) worth mentioning at this point that last summer the Task Force (according to this article ) asked the public “if anyone remembers seeing [Arch] Sloan driving any of these vehicles:

    –A blue 1971 blue Ford pickup, often with a camper attached
    –A 1969 black Chevy pickup, often with a camper attached
    –A 1966 Pontiac Bonneville.”

    It is Sloan’s 1966 Bonneville which was found to contain a hair matching hairs found on Mark Stebbins and Timothy King.

    • Mike says:

      So it is ok to ask about those 3 cars but not a lamans? With that damage? What a crock! Heres another thing to look into… If the vechicle has towing damage that bad it had to have damage to the trailer it towed. If it was a rented trailer there would have been a report of the damage, date, where it was and who rented it! Thats a small list to check and a place like uhual might keep those records for a long time.

  2. You are assuming the two incidents occurred at the same time. It is also possible that the person backed into, or was hit by another at a different time than when the trailer hitch was in a bind. You are also assuming that the bumper was the original. These are things that are unknown.

    I didn’t know Grmlins had a 1 inch tailpipe. Wonder what kept them from exploding?

  3. uncleholmes says:

    Cathy, I cross the Maple Rd/Woodward intersection everyday when I go to and from work. If I’m not mistaken that’s where Tim got abducted on March 16, 1977. Everyday when I see that section where the Krogers is I can’t help but think that’s where Tim got abducted. From the back parking lot just South of Poppleton/knox there’s the Kroger which takes up about half the space. Then Duru’s custom shirts, Great Clips, Nails Etc, Elements therapeutic massage, Qdoba Mexican Grill.

    There’s the red brick wall at the very top of this back lot. The pavement then has a steep slope that goes towards the stores with a few parking barriers. It would make for some good skateboarding.

    Just wondering if you’ve seen the lot with its current setup. Whether you have or not, do you know about which part of the back lot and at what current store location did Tim get abducted from?

    • cathybroad says:

      uncleholmes, I have been to the Kroger and that back parking lot quite a few times since the new configuration. No one saw Tim getting in a car in the back lot, and no one saw him walking out of the lot. So nobody knows the abduction point. He was last seen standing near a Blue Gremlin in the back parking lot. Nothing I have read gives any real sense of the location in the parking lot where this conversation took place. Do you remember the lot as it was in 1977? It was bigger and steeper going down toward the stores, and the grocery store took up far less space. The back door to Hunter Maple Pharmacy was a few doors to the west of the grocery and set back further.

      • uncleholmes says:

        No I do not remember the lot in 1977. I’m wondering if anyone has pictures of the back lot and those stores from 1977. Or if there’s anyway to obtain them and be posted online to give viewers of what the scene was like in March of 1977.

  4. This is the most haunting tale of most I’ve read. Perhaps because it just screams scam!

    I am curious…what was your brother’s science project? Also, wasn’t Robinson’s father an English teacher or something?

    It just seems as if the two hairs in one person’s mouth is an indication of the age old dna go no where scam as is the fibers collection that wouldn’t prove too much. The children were abducted close to Woodward – the southern part- in the beginning. These dog hairs went no where. Perhaps a dog or puppy was used to lure them.

    Each was abducted near a holiday…Wed/Sun…so a calendar would have been in play even prior to the abductions. Perhaps the location already planned, too. The girl who had been kept 19 days…was that because it hadn’t snowed? Or, were they casing a postal worker to see if they had anything on him to make him a suspect?

    One or more would have had to been constantly trolling to find willing victims in the time frame allotted.And, the substance found on the foot of TK…was it on any other or were they hamming it up for the moniker already assigned? Perhaps making any funeral worker a suspect?

    Had there been burglaries in the area prior? What about weird stuff at the schools? Pharmacy robberies? Was there any bookies in the area?

    There’s usually a reason they do not want these crimes solved. Something bigger and better down the road.

    • As far as the OCCK “trolling” for victims, this is very valid point. As have mentioned before, all four of the OCCK victims were a bit vulnerable to varying degrees, so the “OCCK network” had to have been trolling for opportune moments. I believe that it is very similar to what Ted Bundy was doing at colleges in the northwest a few years earlier. It is believed that he had charm to go along with his looks & education. This is not accurate of a profile at all. Ted Bundy would hit & miss several times before someone (vulnerable) fell into his ruses that he used. A few of the women were walking without their contacts and several of the others were emotional from fighting with family/boyfriend and this undoubtedly contributed to the success of his ruses at that particular time. As far as the OCCK, (they) must have been either looking for the “opportune moment” or had attempted to lure other kids & were failing until someone vulnerable had come along. This is what I believed had happened, because a child who didn’t fall into “a lure” most likely didn’t put 2 and 2 together at that time. After Rancourt disappeared off of Central Washington State College in Ellensburg, several young women on campus made reports with school security about some man in a cast trying to get help with his books. These reports would just sit at campus security for over a year while that task force was clueless about “ruses” being used against victims. That is a notjer great task force at work. Ted Bundy’s name was always at the top of all “tip” sheets because they knew exactly what it was that he was driving. When King County finally learned that ruses were being used (Lake Sammamish), he was already over in the next state committing the same exact murders. Reports were streaming in about it to King County, but they didn’t care. Same thing happened in Colorado. They eventually formed the tri-state task force, but they only prosecuted him when it was a necessity to. It is ironic that both times he had been captured were through routine traffic stops (not a task force initiative), & the fact that a serial killer who had already spread horror and carnage across three states could escape from jail (twice) is so unheard of. Someone connected to law enforcement protected him (King County). There is no other explanation for this. As far as the OCCK children (who may have been able to avoid “lure”) there is a strong possibility that they never made a connection in their minds that some weird man talking to them was also responsible for the disappearances of four children. The fear & panic parents must have shown probably didn’t include details about what happened to the four victims (to their children) and this probably is why there aren’t very many (if any) attempted abductions by the OCCK (failed attempts). I would be willing to bet that quite a few children had been approached by OCCK in 1976-77.

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