1972 Pontiac LeMans

1972 Pontiac LeMans

Compare the photos of the Pontiac LeMans, Buick Skylark and Pontiac Tempest, which will follow. Here’s the deal: I don’t care what you say about the AMC Blue Gremlin with white hockey stripe trim. Maybe it was involved, maybe it wasn’t. How come nobody heard about these other cars pinned to various OCCK crime scenes, or the cars owned or accessible to Arch Sloan or other suspects back in the day? Message: Gremlin, Gremlin, Gremlin. Question today: Why? WTF?!

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  1. I believe this case is solved. Payoffs, misinformation, lost evidence, poor memories, Grand Juries with no input from any of the families involved. What’s to solve? Pedophiles will survive because they are in every aspect of society, police, doctors, lawyers, priests, preachers and on and on. Can’t win! Only when it happens to someone’s child will they pay attention.
    I don’t care if Christopher Busch did the crimes. What I want to know is how much the rest of his family knew! In fact I believe his brother Charles killed him or the police. In fact he may not even be dead! As far as client lawyer privilege in these types of cases it should be null. Someone is harming a child. Have they become “things” which have no value? If someone murders a government official all hell breaks loose. Murder a child and it’s, Oh that’s to bad; they went a “wage earner” so what’s the big deal! Our society has to become more adamant about what is the damage these predators cause. I know it changed my life.
    All this secrecy from the government only shows there is someone being protected. But who has that much clout?
    I know that God will punish those souls involved, I would just like to get a “Louisville Lesson” in before they pass. Just one more shot to inflict some human punishment. I’ll deal with God if i go that way!

  2. Why? Because they set a huge price tag on that damn Gremlin – in manpower, media power and ego. The rest of the time it was justification on why it couldn’t be any other vehicle, blue Lemans, light colored 4 doors, or any other possible vehicle.

    Hubris will bring the strongest to their knees and yet, they are still denying.

  3. Perhaps the physical description of the man by the gremlin matched someone they were already looking for. If his body ended up in Wayne county, maybe this guy was notorious there and known by characterisitcs and not a car.

    Why did they never find the guy in the Gremlin? That’s just as important if they only pulled over Gremlins matching the descrition of the one near the drug store. You’d think if he was in that store he’d be a local unless there was a tourist destination nearby.

    It is possible the man was up to something and already paranoid when some woman bumped into him and noticed him staring (she must have been staring, too, if she noticed).

  4. I don’t think that it was any of those models.reason I think that is when I was 7 year’s old I was almost takin by a man in red model Maverick with a black stripe on side’s from front to back.also at that time I lived in Livonia near Inkster Rd and 8 mile.and this was also back in 1976-77and from what I remember the man kinda looks like arch Sloan the man listed as the Oakland county child killer.

    1. There were so many goddamn pedophiles running around freely in Oakland County during that era, the car models are endless. Fucking cesspool. Right,
      L. Brooks?

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