1967 Pontiac Tempest

1967 Buick Skylark

I will pull all of this stuff together–how these cars all shared the same frame, etc. If it’s 3 am on Christmas Day (dirty bastards dumping a dead kid’s body on 1-75), how easy is it to distinguish a LeMans from a Skylark from a Tempest?! The biggest, and only question left, is why the public was never alerted to the possible involvement of one of these vehicles in a way that actually could have made a difference. Gremlin, Gremlin, Gremlin. These other cars, as well as all vehicles available to Arch Sloan or the specific vehicle described by witness Doug Wilson—oh no, keeping that under wraps so as not to tip off the owner(s) of the other vehicles. WTF?! This car bullshit is how this entire investigation will be revealed as a total scam.

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