I had forgotten what a good job Detroit Free Press videographer Brian Kaufman and retired reporter David Ashenfelter did on this video piece about this time last year.  Thanks to the person who sent it to me this afternoon.  


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  1. Jessie Kanehl says:

    Don’t give up your fight and stop speaking out!

    Jessie Kanehl

  2. bitamoney says:

    Excellently done. This case needs all the media stories it can get, in spite of the hundreds of news accounts.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I Just dont understand why the media allows so much time to go by before they do a story on the OCCK case. It seems the only time they do a story is every 10 years or so. If this is ever to be solved, it has to be constantly brought to the attention of the public.

    • Very true, and that is why an “independent” OCCK Task Force is needed, so that some kind of legitimate work can be done that can move things forward. Media will latch on if some progress is made on these cases, but social media sites needs to be able to present this coherently as well. This blog is awesome as it is set up so people cannot bicker back & forth about their ideas & argue about stupid stuff not relevant to anything substantial.

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