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  1. Jessie Kanehl says:

    Thought of you immediately and was wondering if you heard this. Didn’t the suspect live in Gran Blanc? Maybe the other car parts are the other cars he drove. With daddy being a GM exec you know he had more than one vehicle! Hope this leads to something! In my prayers,

    Jessie Kanehl

  2. Margaret says:

    Interesting! This related article adds that a bike frame was also found at the construction site:

  3. Jeff Odenweller says:

    Wow. Hopefully a lead!

  4. Chris S. says:

    I hope this amounts to something but I won’t hold my breath. The MSP stated today, “We just wanna do our due diligence…”. Well then how about doing some due diligence on Arch Sloan? How about using some of their “digging budget” to waterboard that SOB. DNA from hairs found on Tim & Mark are linked to his car. I’m not a police genius or anything but perhaps that would be a great place to do some “due diligence”.

  5. Robin says:

    Hi Catherine.. My brother and I lived in the Torrey elementary neighborhood, but I believe my brother and Tim may have played baseball together. My brother recalls Tim. It was such a scary time. I discovered your blog and have been getting up to speed on how this has played out over the years.. Tragic!! I was discussing this with my brother during a round of golf a few weeks ago… I was shocked when he told me about an incident he had. This did not occur in Birmingham, but on a road between Fenton and Holly in west Oakland County. He was approached by a man in a van. The man used his door to knock him off the bike.. My brother ran away and contacted authorities in Holly. I am not certain of date.. But thinking this probably happened in summer of 1977. Please let me know if you would care to discuss.

  6. I found the news video and noticed the hunk of metal had several pinstripes and I could see and “X” on one large stripe. I googled Gremlins and came up with this (non-hockey stripe Levi edition):

    The reporter impressed me to be the type that gets people into the tented freak shows at the fair each year judging from her body language.

    They wrote 4 tires were sticking up. Of course! That’s why you can’t bury tires!

    • In addition, an officer mentioned they couldn’t tell if it was cut up or not until they got the metal in a “controlled” environment. Ha! Most people would know in a heartbeat. For that section to have come off that particular car it would have been cut with a torch most likely or grinding wheel at least. It’s a no brainer!

      However, it would be interesting to see which parts they find and which parts are lacking-especially the interior.

  7. This has to be related to the OCCK. Why else would someone try to bury a blue Gremlin? Why not just take it to a junkyard?

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