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  1. I’d be overjoyed to see this case solved. But I truly believe that at this point it can only be solved if someone with knowledge comes forward. Evidence, it appears, is lost to the ages. There is someone somewhere that knows something that would start this ball rolling. Let’s pray a conscience finally prompts someone to do the right thing.

      1. And you are so right. Someone still living (although with ice water coursing through their veins) must have knowledge about who committed these crimes.

    1. Exactly my feelings. I really believe there are numerous people out there who know. It takes only one to redeem this awful situation.

  2. Why does this case follow me? My dad bought land off sharp rd in swartz creek and we lived up there for about 10 yrs. why i am mentioning it. Baldwin is the exit to get his property and i worked grand blanc for many yrs at work. I know this area very well and drove by it often. Its undeveloped land boarding some real high end homes. Another intersting thing… It is the county boarder between genesee and oakland counties.

    1. Jessie, I don’t hold my breath on any of this any more. It’s interesting; I’m glad authorities are taking this seriously; and I was relieved to see a quote from OC Sheriff Bouchard that if anything comes of this he will certainly keep the public informed. That’s a switch. As another reader pointed out, and I agree, it is also clear somebody is talking. FYI, my Dad was informed of this when he was contacted by a reporter from Channel 2 who called him to tell him she was on her way out to the site. Basically contemporaneously, an investigator with the MSP called my brother to assure him they were working on the lead and that the media was going to run with it.

  3. I hope there is a connection-for your father’s sake at least. Some closure would be nice for him.

    Don’t get your hopes up too high, though. These “charity” drives are tricky and fast working. I noticed someone pretending to be a guy who once buried cars on a blog in my area.Often research is limited to what is under their noses.

    However, with it being near the county line, and a street with a German name for water, there may be hope yet. Almost like Bruce Lane and Telegraph Rd.

  4. The only thing that I’ve been able to dig up generated from the information in this article is that Hyman Kramer and his wife Bernice (who has also died) at some point bought a house in Bloomfield Hills that is reasonably close to many of the locations associated with these crimes and suspects. (I have the address, but don’t wish to post it–the house is still standing, but no Kramer lives there any more. Suffice to say that it’s north of Quarton and east of Lahser.) I’m trying to find out whether Kramer could have owned the house as far back as 1976-77 (it was built back in the 1950’s) but I can only find public records going back to about 1985 or so. For what it’s worth, Kramer was born either in 1906 or 1914.

    As for Ned Mellen (the other name on the deed–the Assistant Secretary of Allmon Company): A Ned Mellon died in January 1977 at the age of 70. The record indicates Southfield–I don’t know if that’s where he died or where he lived before he died or neither.

    There’s one more name I want to look up–Neddie M. Allmon, mentioned in this article here http://www.abc12.com/story/23222913/history-of-the-land-where-blue-gremlin-was-found-buried But first, I need to close a bunch of windows. Suffice to say, I would hope that the OCCK Task Force is busy right now doing the same digging up in Michigan that I’m doing down here in Florida. (Catherine–let me know if you want me to PM you the Kramer’s Bloomfield Hills address. Again–I’d just as soon not post it publically, but if nothing else, the possibility that back in 1977 the Kramers may have also owned a home so close to locations such as the Busch home is difficult to entirely dismiss without cause.)

  5. Neddie Mary Allmon died in 1994 at the age of 83. I’m not finding out much about her, other than a couple of addresses where she apparently lived in the 1980’s and 1990’s. If she had a spouse, his name is not coming up, although she appears to be connected to a Carole E. Jamieson (1930-2006) and a John A. Jamieson (b. 1968) by virtue of these two addresses.

    Again, I don’t want to publically post the exact street addresses, as this is likely all a coincidence, and I have no evidence that she was located at either address back in 1976 or 1977. But one address is in Bloomfield Hills—south of Maple, west of Cranbrook (a couple of blocks west of Seaholm High School) and the other is nearby, but in Birmingham—north of Maple, near the western edge of Booth Park. (Booth Park is north of where Southfield Road ends at Maple. In other words–right in the middle of the whole area in question.

    Again—the Task Force appears to have a few tasks to complete besides scraping dirt off of some old car parts.

    For what it’s worth—while the idea of a farmer simply chopping and burying an old car seems strange to me, my wife understands it to be a common practice. Burying a junked car is apparently an affordable way of eliminating an eyesore. I had no idea.

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