Interesting Readership

Interesting Readership

This is one of the stat pages attached to my blog. Number-wise, over the past 24-plus hours, there have been over 1,700 views. I haven’t had much to say; I merely posted links to the recent media coverage of the unearthing of car parts from a blue Gremlin with a white hockey stripe. Same kind of car a witness saw my little brother standing next to before he was abducted. I’m sure a bunch of these hits were from people who happened upon my blog while trying to read up on the blue Gremlin info. But the countries, aside from the U.S. and Canada, have all shown up in the past 36-hours or so. Lots of curiosity, I guess. And this is over only one of at least four cars that are associated with these crimes. Too bad police never made any of the other car info public in a way that could have actually helped. Blue Gremlin, blue Gremlin, blue Gremlin, blue Gremlin. Don’t you think, Dick Thompson and Brooks Patterson?

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  1. I received a message on Goodreads of all places from someone who heard about the dig, started Googling and ended up on my Goodreads page through my blog. The Blog that led him there was the shortest piece I have ever written – It listed two names – Dyer Grossman and Francis Shelden.

  2. Aside from pedophiles searching for Grossman and Shelden, there is alot of educated & cultured people overseas who are willing to take interest in something like the OCCK, and even if the majority of U.S. media (outside of Michigan) has ignored it for over thirty years. This story should still be very big as far as U.S. history is concerned. It isn’t the only tragedy of Michigan’s to be nearly forgotten. The Michigan Murders were “solved” in the early 1970’s (even if law enforcement got the wrong guy), & the Bath School Disaster is never mentioned whenever school shootings occur. Before Va Tech (2007), there wasn’t a school tragedy that rivaled it in numbers of victims, and when similar age group was targeted (Newtown), very few of media outlets would mention it, even though twice as many children died at Bath Township. What I am saying, is that is easier for people of other countries to gain access to American tragedy information because they generally will look more for information that isn’t touched by sensationalism.

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