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I sent the attached email to my Dad on October 9, 2009 (see scan).  The Michigan State Police had agreed to meet with my Dad and my brother, Chris, a number of times that fall and then would, generally at the last minute, cancel.  This email was in response to yet another cancellation.

This meeting eventually took place in late October, 2009.  Kristine Mihelich’s stepdad and her sister, Tom Ascroft and Erica Ascroft McAvoy, came to the meeting as well.  It was a waste of time.  The MSP would not comment on any revelations in the OCCK case, would answer no questions.  After the “sit down” State Police Captain Harold Love (since retired) was quoted in The Macomb Daily on November 8, 2009:  “We are hoping there will come a point and time to bring this thing together and have everybody come together and present a conclusion to the public and to everybody else so we can put this thing to bed.”

This was close to nine years ago.  The MSP knows this thing IS in bed, and that’s where they want to keep it, sans explanation or conclusion for the public.

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  1. After all this time, I just don’t see them trying to make this right. Even after all the original players are retired or dead, the leaders are still focused on maintaining the aura of authority and trust.

    1. But you and I know better, don’t we? Authority and trust got this community nothing. Their reputations were placed above these murders.

  2. Damn! Fucking makes me angry.

    What I want to know is who the originator(s) of the press statement that Tim’s body was laid out neatly.

    Who ever out that factoid out carries the burden of knowledge of the case.

    1. Wait until you see the photo, Joe. The Detroit-area media has always been in the back pocket of law enforcement. That’s why they love their little beat reporters that they go pound drinks with.

      1. I know it’s been said time and again, but the handling of this case by all these assholes has been beyond disgusting. It’s like a horribly written movie, but sadly, nauseatingly true. The disregard for the family’s and victims, the cold hearted treatment, the egos…all of it.

        Cathy, at this point, screw them once and for all. I don’t know if there is anybody in the media you trust, but if there is, blow the f’ng roof off of this entire sham and conspiracy and go public on TV with EVERYTHING. Give the media outlets an exclusive, no holds-barred expose, a town hall…something. Go national if you have to. Hit these people, who have let down you and your family and continue to let you down, where it hurts. The bad PR and the TRUTH would compell them to hopefully and finally come clean. Force their hand by embarassing them. I bet then they will suddenly start trying to play ball with you and your family.

        You don’t owe them any protection or benefit of the doubt anymore. That’s been long gone. What do you have to lose at this point?

        Maybe it’s just anger and frustration talking and it’s not practical, but damnit, in this day and age, the corrupt shouldn’t be able to hide anymore. Their time is up.

        1. Matt, like Daryl said in a previous comment, law enforcement will never even attempt to make this right. All we have left is the media. LE will never play ball, but they will be exposed. They doubled-down and tried to fuck us a second and third time. Their time is in fact up. When it’s all over, and it will involve many, their reputations will never, ever recover. As I have reread this stuff from the Lamborgine lead, even though I lived through it, I feel like my eyes are going to fall out and my brain is going to explode. The story will be told. As many times as necessary. Get Victim Assistance people, MSP and quit your doubling-down bullshit. You and Oakland County. Hide behind your dead suspect bullshit–we all know you won’t do the right thing. The next best thing? COMPLETE EXPOSURE. Yes, Matt, I agree with you. Time’s up.

      2. Cathy, sadly you are correct in that LE wont make it right. At least not as is. Because of that, I just feel like the gloves should completely come off now. They don’t want to make it right? Fine…we’re going to show EVERYBODY how wrong LE/people in power are.

        At least get the small satisfaction of embarrassing and exposing them. They made their bed, now it’s time everybody sees them sleeping in it.

        I know it’s easy for me to sit here and say “GET EM!!!”. But damn, they need to be completely exposed and embarrassed. Publicly beat their egos into submission via media or any venue possible and get the truth out that way. They seem to care more about their ego and cushy place in the “elite” than the victims and their families. Fine, prepare to be brought down like never before.

        Keep fighting Cathy!

  3. The police have a habit of canceling meetings at the last minute. I used to say they dangle the carrot and just as you are about to bite they yank it away. So typical and so disgusting.



    1. J, just today reread some of your emails as part of my attempt to construct a time line. Thank you for not giving up. Yes, so sick. I know you and your family have suffered greatly.

  4. LE will never come clean here. I have accepted that. I will be fine with multiple exposures of the failings that resulted in deaths and a lifetime of fear in the fucked up suburbs of Detroit. People in Oakland County and surrounding areas need to understand these cases and accept the fact that they ate a bunch of bullshit. Why? SO IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Trust cops? Why would you ever do that? Just worried about the cops who shoot African American men who are unarmed? Remember all the cases where cops threw down a weapon? Where an “assailant” was shot in the back 25 times? When a drunk kid was shot from over 50 feet away because “he was a threat”? Body cams that just happened to be shut off right before some assault? Take that line of reasoning and think about the people who end up at the top of the food chain in these organizations. Protecting each other. These fuckers are not the bulwark between order and anarchy. They are the very edge of anarchy. Would you want a prosecuting attorney or a cop to make a decision they have complete power and authority over, to affect the rest of your goddamn life? These people have more power and authority than you can ever imagine. And I would not trust one of them with my life, or any aspect of it. Register to vote and make sure you are careful in your choice for county prosecutor and governor. The person at the top of the Michigan State Police sets the tone. You think you will never get pushed under the bus, but trust me, if you do, you will totally realize just how fucked you are. You will no doubt avoid this fate, but if you don’t pay attention, all of society is the worse for it.

  5. Just so you know, we would get answers to these questions, not from law enforcement, but via a FOIA suit that cost my Dad over $11,000, not including attorney fees. These people are pieces of shit. And hello, Detroit-area media–where are your FOIA requests, you pussies?!

  6. Speaking of Busch being on the radar from the get-go, I noticed the following in a list of unnamed suspects from a Free Press article dated 11/11/1988 (I have the PDF but can’t attach here): “A member of the Big Brother program living in Bloomfield Township, who was charged with child molestation, then committed suicide.”

    1. Wow. He and Greene started out gaining access to boys via Big Brother and coaching baseball (Greene) before just escalating to overpowering neighbors, friends of Busch’s nephews and then strangers. The records I read from the MSP file on Fox Island listed five or so men (names redacted; all seemingly upstanding men on paper), two of who had foster sons. One was also a probation officer. Another a banker and one a principal.

      When Busch “committed suicide,” he had five pending CSC (criminal sexual conduct with a minor) charges in various parts of Michigan.

      1. We all know this and it’s been said before a million times as it should be, but it still stops you in your tracks…and it’s simply knowing that this world is sick.

        You try to look at the positives and what you do have in life, but there is such a disgustaing and frightening underbelly to this world and country. Just the fact, that in America, you can be a piece of shit child jokester and still have your name redacted and protected. I don’t care what the laws are…that is beyond comprehension when you get down to the core of his wrong that is.

        This entire case just brings out so much anger and it’s an assault on all of us in this society. And worse, it’s a continued assault on all the family’s of these kids. If there’s one thing that Cathy and her family has made crystal clear through all this garbage, it’s that we are NOT being protected and we’re one fucked-up person with privilege away harming us or our
        family and getting away with it. The law simply seems to protect the bad guys much more than the victims.

      2. Sorry, spell check/auto correct strikes incorrectly, again. That was “piece of shit child molester”. Not “jokester”. Ugh.

      3. The archive at the Newspapers site continues to grow in content and clarity. Another weird piece of info I found there recently–have you heard of the guy serving a life sentence who has repeatedly claimed he was paid to kill the OCCK then buried him under I-96 in Livonia (which was under construction at the time)?

  7. Timothy Louis Meaker. Sentenced to life for murder in 5/78. Apparently took a guard hostage in ’86. Also claims he killed someone in Arizona who had evidence on the OCCK. Just another weird footnote.

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