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Here’s a trailer for a series on the Oakland County Child Killings coming up on Channel 4 in the Detroit area:

Don’t forget about Nina Innsted’s podcast, Don’t Talk to Strangers, which continues to examine nine child murders in Oakland County, Michigan, between January 1, 1976 and March 16, 1977, including the four linked to the OCCK.

J. Reuben Appelman, author of The Kill Jar, Obsession, Descent, and a Hunt for Detroit’s Most Notorious Serial Killer, recently wrote an article for Medium called “What Victims Leave Behind,” (December 21, 2018, True Crime) about thinking outside of the box in these decades’ old cases.  I can’t get the link to stick here, probably because Medium is a membership site.  Google the above terms and check it out.

In the near future:

Other important projects will hopefully follow.  Journalists, podcasters and authors are opening the discussion since law enforcement refuses.  To my knowledge, and unlike other podcasts I’ve listened to and shows I have watched, law enforcement has not provided a tip line or asked the public for help in these cases in any of these endeavors.  I receive a large number of pretty freaky emails with potential suspects.  The problem is, I don’t have police powers. And as we have seen time and again, the sun, the moon and the stars have to line up just so for your tip to be taken seriously.   But maybe these child victims will find some kind of voice in these projects.  “Open case” isn’t going to fly well any more.  I believe a number of people know who participated in these crimes.  And more knew, but have since died.  I hope that not only are the monsters involved in these crimes exposed, but also the people who knew and kept their mouths shut.  May these projects shake something loose that can make a difference.


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  1. Cathy,
    Seeing your dad’s tenacity gave me that renewed hope of something again getting jump started after watching his talk but now with the upcoming WDIV special it’s like getting a two for one in the same week. I hope despite your previous letdowns, you and your family are feeling a bit lifted. Please know hometown Michigan is with you, and, hopeful for answers.

  2. The day is coming soon when your brother and all the victims will be heard loud and clear .. like you said people are talking more now then ever before and the the public is beginning to have lots of questions .. it is my hope that the public outrage in these cases will force the doors open and expose these rotten animals hiding behind it .. all of the hard work from you and your family is starting to pay off ..

  3. Thanks for compiling this all in one post. Nina is the greatest catalyst ever! While the Warren PD and MSP have not found anything, they have at least sat down the coffee and got off their chairs in the name of my sister.

  4. I’m encouraged. It’s always a good sign when media decides a story is worth developing. ABOUT TIME. It’s Detroit area LE that has me stumped. This story is now so old that there aren’t any BIG THREE executives to protect, if that’s what they were doing by clamping their mouths shut. BTW, the BIG THREE because the puny three some decades ago and my cousins say you can drive past abandoned, boarded up mansions in Grosse Pointe now. So what gives? I despise Detroit.

  5. I know this gets read by many people – how many have a memory, a feeling, knowledge about these vicious crimes from the inside or as a potential victim? Please speak up – even if it seems no one is listening (LE comes to mind), others will read this and they are listening. Too many decades of heartache and fear have passed. Please do not allow it to continue.

    1. I am also convinced there are living people, and a lot more than one or two, who know what happened.

  6. I’m encouraged. It’s always a good sign when media decides a story is worth developing because lots of people will be exposed to it. ABOUT TIME. It’s Detroit area LE that has me stumped. This story is now so old that there aren’t any Big Three execs left to protect, if that’s what LE was doing. BTW, the Big Three became the Puny Three some decades ago. My cousins say you can drive through Grosse Pointe now and see abandoned, boarded up mansions. Detroit is rotten from the inside out, literally. I hate Detroit.

  7. Okay, this is strange. I hovered over the three Appelman article links and they disappeared.

  8. Okay, this bugs me. I clicked on the link about the show. It says the show will be aired “this month”. Doesn’t that irritate you? How about a date and a time???

  9. And thank you to everyone who participated. It isn’t easy and it is toxic. The decent and hardworking get punished for participation and those with the most to lose just lie or don’t participate.

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