“Don’t lose the heart or the drive to get resolution. You just never know.”

Announced yesterday:


A 47-year-old cold case murder of an 11-year-old girl resolved using genetic DNA.  The suspect had been dead for 16 years.  The first few DNA testing attempts were unsuccessful, but here the police agency kept after it.

5 Comments on ““Don’t lose the heart or the drive to get resolution. You just never know.””

  1. bitamoney says:

    They kept after it because they wanted to, unlike the law enforcement agencies in Detroit.

  2. mike farquhar says:

    Would this be beneficial in the occk case

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  3. Katherine Baker Light says:

    Cathy, I heard on Nina’s podcast that your family has offered to pay from The Tim King Fund for a new DNA testing procedure on I believe a bulb less hair follicle…I will be contacting my State Rep to push for law Enforcement and The useless political figures in this case to allow this testing and complain about the tip line being mismanaged…Prayers for a conviction or closure for your family all the families of the victims.

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