It’s National Forensic Science Week

Believe it or not, this is National Forensic Science Week.

Here is a link to Bode Technology, with an explanation about their role in human DNA analysis.

Bode Technology serves the law enforcement and identification markets and is unique in that it provides both state-of-the-art human DNA analysis and innovative DNA collection products. The range of Bode’s services include diverse offerings such as high-throughput DNA testing services, casework analysis, missing person identification, private and CODIS databanking of convicted offenders or arrestees, as well as paternity identification. Our patented DNA collection systems are in use worldwide for collections of DNA from convicted offenders and arrestees, from crime scenes, as well as from parents and children for genealogy and identification services. By leveraging the strength and experience of our research and development teams and casework analysts, Bode Technology offers worldwide DNA analysis services, consulting, training, and validation services on a customized basis.

State-of-the-art, even with limited, deteriorated evidence that was not stored properly.  Is there any reason not to go forward with this?  The evidence can sit on a shelf or given the best shot to reveal some answers.  If the magic hairs in this case are so important, they must be evaluated using state-of-the-art DNA analysis.

3 Comments on “It’s National Forensic Science Week”

  1. bitamoney says:

    It’s National Forensic Week and it’s already Wednesday. How come this doesn’t come up automatically on my cellphone instead of shit like Beyonce?

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