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Before you spend a lot of time thinking about and drafting a letter to Michigan Governor Whitmer or Michigan Attorney General Nessel about the status of the OCCK case, consider the two emails below.

First, a moving email/letter to Attorney General Nessel (similar messages to the Governor and the Director of the MSP) from a classmate of one of my brothers:

To: miag@michigan.gov
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2019, 02:19:27 PM EDT
Subject: Oakland County Child Killing case

Dear Atty General Nessel,

I’m writing to ask for your help and that of your office to examine the status of the Oakland County Child Killer case from the 1970s. I’m likely not the only person who has asked this of you, but I wanted you to know that I have a tangential relationship with the family of murder victim Timothy King.

I grew up in Birmingham, MI and went to high school with Tim’s brother, Chris. Chris was my science lab partner just prior to Tim’s disappearance and murder. The King and [X] families had many similarities: Our fathers were lawyers. Our mothers worked in the home. Our parents ate out at the same Birmingham restaurants. We kids were allowed to walk by ourselves to our local drug stores. Sadly, while my younger sister was only approached by a man who exposed himself to her and a friend, Tim King was abducted and then killed.

The entire community changed that winter. Fear and apprehension about children and safety took hold and for many people I know now, has never abated. We believed the Oakland County and Michigan State Police officials who told us repeatedly that they were working the case doggedly. And we believed for decades afterward the official theory that the killer acted alone and was likely in jail or dead as he never struck again.

Thanks to efforts of Detroit journalists and the members of the King family, the truth of how the investigation was mishandled from the very beginning is now known.

I’m writing to ask that your office explore whether adequate resources are being used in what is still an open case. Are my tax dollars being used in the most effective way possible to respond to tips and leads (which are still coming in, I understand) as well as access the most advanced DNA testing available.

The Oakland County Child Killings hang over the lives of anyone who lived through them at the time. As a member of that community then and a proud Michigan resident now, I want to see justice prevail for the sake of the victims’ families and for everyone in the state who believes our government is working on our behalf.


This writer, whose identity I concealed to prevent any retaliation, sent me an email describing the response from Governor Whitmer’s office:

So…I got the following voicemail from Governor Whitmer’s office:

‘We did receive your email and shared it with the appropriate people in our office. We also recommend that you reach out directly to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept and the MSP Metro North post so it can be related to the appropriate authorities there.’

He did wish me a good day, so there’s that. Sigh.

I’m going to contact both organizations as suggested but since they are the places that screwed it all up in the first place…

Hey, staffer from Governor Whitmer’s office–you might want to spend some time researching this case a little and maybe think about getting out ahead of the shitstorm that might well land on your boss and Michigan when the truth finally outs, one way or the other, in this case. Last time I checked, the MSP ultimately reports to the governor. Telling someone to call Metro North or the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office in this case is like telling someone to call Sheriff Ricky Edwards between 2005 and 2012 if your daughter turned up dead on 1-10 in Jeff-Davis Parish in Louisiana (Murder in the Bayou by Ethan Brown, now a docuseries). Or telling someone to call the Manitowoc (Wisconsin) County Sheriff’s Department or the office of Special Prosecutor Ken Kratz to report exculpatory evidence in Brendan Dassey’s accessory to murder case (Making a Murderer, Documentary).

Or, Governor Whitmer, like telling an MSU student or her parents to call former MSU President Lou Anna Simon to report sexual abuse and rape allegations against MSU gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. Passing the buck is always the first response in state government. But if you are at the top, that buck can find its way back pretty swiftly under the right circumstances.

As Shakespeare wrote, “But in the end truth will out.” That truth won’t come from law enforcement in this case, but it still might out. And long before Shakespeare wrote those words, Chaucer wrote that “murder will out.” Eventually the Universe wants these types of cases solved, or at least some solid answers and exposure. Why? Because if things stand the way they are, these kids don’t matter and they never did. They died in vain and the only people protected were the killers, the killers’ families and the law enforcement who dropped and hid the ball.

The truth will out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. jkaneh says:

    Passing the buck. As usual. Contacting the OCS or Prosecutor office is a complete waste of time. I love how you and others never give up. Unfortunately I did long ago after door after door kept slamming in my face. Now that the murderer in my stepsons case is dead, the deadbolt locks are now firmly in place on those slammed doors.



  2. Michael J Farquhar says:

    My blood is boiling I am outraged but I remain calm

  3. Judi Coltman says:

    The pit in my stomach just got deeper. Reading that letter dredged up such a sick feeling. The feeling felt in those days after Tim’s abduction where our schools failed us in addressing the situation, acknowledging we were hurting and scared; in the difficulty of stepping back into our young lives with this specter of horror looming; in the realization that law enforcement successfully subjugated anyone who came forward with questions and information – and it continues. That response smacks of a patronizing pat on the head to someone who is heading toward age 60 and has carried the same vexatious questions and fears as evidence is allowed to rot away in some storage shed.

    I commend the integrity of the writer for taking action. I took action more than a decade ago about events that occurred the night Tim was abducted and in the ensuing days. In the limited and clipped response was this gem: “As our Task Force is substantially smaller than the one from the 1970’s and 80’s, we must trust that the officers at the time of the orginial task force conducted complete investigations.”

    Must Trust. Gas Light.

    And it continues. . .

    • cathybroad says:

      “[W]e must trust that the officers at the time of the original task force conducted complete investigations.” Ask any REAL cold case investigator about just how very wrong this approach to an unsolved case is. DEAD. WRONG.

    • crimebuffy says:

      And we all know THEY DID NOT! There can’t be that many incompetent police officers from that many agencies. Outcome paid for by the funds of H Lee!

    • crimebuffy says:

      We all know THEY DID NOT! There can’t be that much incompetence from so many police officers and from so many different police agencies. Outcome brought to you by the funds of H Lee Busch.

  4. ktbiddle1975 says:

    I would like to get the address info for Charles such and gunnels and arch Sloan.
    I want to start a letter campaign with them. Get on their good sides. Become understanding to them, and get some fucking info that we need for this bullshit. Do you have Charles Busch current address? Where is he living?

    • bitamoney says:

      I recently had the opportunity to write to someone who was in jail, so I learned what to do. Had nothing to do with this case. Find out what prison they are in. Communicate with the office. Get the prisoner number and follow the warden instructions. Good luck. Stay calm when communicating. Don’t get pushy.

  5. ktbiddle1975 says:

    Where are arch Sloan, Ted Lamborgine and Gunnels incarcerates?

    • OCCK SURVIVOR says:

      Arch Sloan is in Gus Harrison Correctional Facility, Kalamazoo-Kalamazoo is where Gunnels was, and Lamborgine is in Kinross Correctional Facility Arch Sloan and Lamborgine are in for LIfe, Gunnels is paroled already.

  6. Matt says:

    Wow. You expect to be let down, but even still, when it happens, it still hurts.

    Scary world we live in, where “leaders” constantly throw cliche, canned answers to serious questions like these.

    It makes me want to run through a wall, reading that response. How f’ng tone-deaf and careless. Hey Michigan…my state…f*ck you.

  7. B says:

    The reply from Gretchen Whitmer’s Office is so sad but not surprising. Look at all the nursing home cuts and how she’s holding the elderly’s Medicaid funding hostage so she can”fix the damn roads.” She’s heartless. Don’t give up & keep fighting the fight!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I left a message here yesterday, but I don’t see it on your blog anymore. I’m thinking it might be because I don’t know what I’m doing as far as contacting a person on a blog. Anyways, I left a message that the FBI interview you have images of on your Jan 16, 2014 post was given by my sister. We grew up in Dexter and our family were members of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church there. Our dad was involved in a child pornography and pedophile ring that my sister and I were victims of. We are just starting our research and came across your blog. Would you be willing to communicate directly with us and see if we can help each other?

  9. Walter says:

    For one thing, it seems careless to try solving this at the local level.

    These cases are pretty certainly a big part of what led to
    “Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation: Hearings Before the Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-fifth Congress, First Session, Chicago, Ill., May 27, 1977, Washington, D.C., June 16, 1977”
    and the national climate right now favors ‘accountability’, so it might be easier to get something off the ground on a wider scale rather than locally.

    There is no question that entrusting the investigation to authorities, whether federal or local, will lead nowhere. But there are lots of people who scrutinize investigations today. And if a major government entity can be walked into pretending to investigate something, it’s entirely possible their investigation will reveal their cleverness, at least.

    How to force a national investigation by a major government entity is the mystery.

    • bitamoney says:

      Why don’t you figure out how to communicate with these politicians and compose something to them? You write very well.

      • Walter says:

        Aside from being known as a poor writer, my trying to push politicians in this issue would make it more likely to be ignored.

        The author of this blog has a wide audience and more credibility than a random person.

      • Walter says:

        As an example, here is a way this blog could force a review, which most people could not.

        1) Send an email or letter to the director of various agencies saying you, the blog owner, have found serious discrepancies in a past investigation, and you would like to interview the director of that agency on video so you can post the video on your website, youtube, etc.

        2) Create a dedicated page on the blog to that correspondence, chronicling each letter or email sent and each received.

        3) If they do eventually agree to an on camera interview address each known issue at least once so there is a public record of their view.

        4) If they decline to answer then try to establish publicly whether or not a crime victim’s family has rights to question the integrity of an investigation. There are major media outlets that run stories about people who get overcharged on electric bills, so if the issue is one that resonates, that is appropriate to today’s culture, then it should be possible to force a review.

  10. weedbegone3468 says:

    Michigan is foul and corrupt as hell.

    Fight or Flight?


  11. Jeremy says:

    Cathy, i loved Kevin Dietz because i believe he really cared, its a shame what happened to him. Its pretty obvious Dana Nessel and the Governor dont care. You really need someone from the local media preferably television to get on your side and drive this home on a consistent basis. The more pressure the Governor and Dana Nessel gets from the media, just maybe they might break and actually do something. I pray everyday the OCCK case gets solved and i send love to you and your family and all of the familes. Jeremy

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, Jeremy. Yes, Kevin Dietz was awesome. Everyone who has participated in the larger attempt to find the truth (and the truth of this investigation), has helped put a puzzle piece on the board. Lots of missing and broken pieces.

      • Matt says:

        Not sure how compromised he may or may not be, but Ross Jones on WXYZ Channel 7 in Detroit, appears to be an extremely smart, young, no BS investigative reporter. Like, I said young, so does not SEEM part of the “old guard/boys club” that has permeated government and media.

        Knows his way around Washington D.C. as well (for whatever good that might do, couldn’t hurt though, I guess), having also worked for the Scripps Washington bureau. He’s blown up a lot of corruption in Michigan and D.C. (and by extension the nation) and has the doggedness to kick some dirt up. May be somebody to contact if haven’t already.

        Also, Steven Wilson, an EXCELLENT investigative reporter is somebody that I think would be great to have on the good side. He was an investigative reporter in the 2000s, also on WXYZ in Detroit, but unfortunately got booted due to cutbacks. He runs his own nonprofit investigative reporting group now, so as far as I know, isn’t bound to any company or entity that may try to meddle. Has done great work.

        I think both guys are worthy of at least contacting. They both seem to have the smarts, wherewithal and determination to blow the lid off corruption and incompetence.

        • bitamoney says:

          Why don’t you write something to these people? I believe Cathy has all three hands full.

          • Matt says:

            Well sure, we all could. However, I believe it would carry more weight if it came from somebody from Cathy’s circle/professionals she’s corresponded and worked with (if not Cathy herself, which, yes I agree, has many irons in the fire).

            Sadly, sporadic people not affiliated with the family, or professionals close to them & the case, generally get looked at as annoying and hysterical people who just want involve themselves to push theories or get attention.

            Now, if collectively, ALL of us and then some, were somehow able to banned-together in large numbers (more than just readers here) and do this, then that may be just big enough to not be able to ignore. How to logistically pull that off and coordinate is something I admittedly am not sure how to realistically do. Outside of that, it goes back to Cathy’s circle and independent professionals to keep the pressure on.

  12. bitamoney says:

    Government jackasses.

  13. Walter says:

    One controversial philosophical point.

    This case is about murders and pedophilia, but the hot button part of the issue is the pedophilia, massive sex network etc.

    Aside from the murders, pedophilia has always been a disease, a sign of some unhealthiness, but its perception varies widely and in the U.S. there has been a vast change since the 1970s when a Chicago cop said that town came up with the ‘new’ idea of prosecuting the directors and cameramen who made child pornography. Note too that the 1977 congressional hearings referred to the problem as involving child delinquency, a view people would squint at today.

    In Afghanistan the Taliban famously banned opium production and child sex. Those were considered offensive to their traditional society. When the U.S. invaded Afghanistan both of those practices were restored, though the U.S. claims to fight both of them.

    Pedophilia is a sign of the melting pot. It occurs where two or more cultures meet and does not occur in completely homogenous cultures until there are assimilation pressures.

    It’s good to try to fight or reduce sicknesses, but the common human tendency is to personify diseases, to create monsters out of sick people, instead of examining them.

    This might not be a prime location to encourage studying sick people rather than hanging them, but it’s an idea that should be mentioned.

    There isn’t any question about whether or not pedophilia and group sex networks and similar things are signs of a psychological and societal problem. The issue is whether the focus should be on examining the issue accurately and dispassionately or addressing it as an ’emergency of the moment’ type issue that requires a quick retaliation.

    When the public decides that certain sicknesses must be controlled by certain authorities the result is always the same. Those individuals with variations of the sickness become the central authorities, under a guise of academia, law enforcement, or whatever.

    A person can research the psychologist John Money who was influential in legitimizing sex change operations. But research David Reimer too, one of his many victims.

    A person does not need a college degree to know that ‘converting’ a boy to a girl or girl to a boy by surgery is asinine. But it is also gaining acceptance as ‘normal’. There used to be a lot of suicides by people with that illness, so something had to be done.

    The United States is becoming like the Roman Empire, legitimizing weirdnesses that are harmful to both individuals and society, but fighting that trend by emphasizing sicknesses as criminal matters is also not really a solution.

    I’m well aware that these cases involve murder and pedophilia, things which necessarily must be dealt with effectively, just making a point that it’s starting to look like ‘the drug war’ which prevented rational study of drug addicts and drug use, and is now creating a counterreaction.

  14. jade says:

    The light will shine upon their evil and expose the truth. It will.

  15. OCCK SURVIVOR says:

    Hi All,
    What I don’t get is how my being able to testify to who tried to kidnap me right after Timothy was kidnapped and killed weighs nothing, I told the MSP I can do a sketch with them, or I would even testify that Arch Sloan had my arms trying to get me in the car, I never believed it was any of the other suspects until I saw a picture of the younger Arch Sloan than I knew it was him, for as little as he was he can sure try to pull a child through the passenger side through a window, how can it be I have the identity in my nightmares, my memories, and I can not do anything with this, I told the MSP next time they see Arch Sloan ask him about the little girls that got away, they told me they would and let me know what he said, however they have never contacted me again, why the heck even have a tip line if you are not going to work seriously on that tips, maybe that is the new cover up we will start a tip line so it looks like we are doing something, sick of it, tired of it, and I wish I knew what to do next.

    I also would like the police to tell me the exact date that the police report was made about my attempted abduction, I would like to know how it may fit to the other children that were abducted, after I called them back they promised to get back to me and never did.

    The new cover up of the OCCK case is a bunch of people that are in positions to help but sit on their asses and do nothing, sorry non of the children were from a mother or father in congress, or the president of the US, let one of those assholes have it happen to their children or grandchildren and watch all heck break loose, and every tax dollar go into to solving the case.

    There are enough people on Cathys blogs, We should be able to come together and protest the steps of the MSP and Lansing and don’t stop there all the way to Washington and make such a stench about this corruption they all will know what OCCK stands for.

    I know all the families are tired of waiting, there must be something we can do, I never stop trying to find something to help, I even said I would testify never heard nothing back, how dare they take our information and do nothing with and not call any of us back, how dare they send a letter such as this, and how dare they be able to sleep at night how they treat people.

    I don’t know what I am going to try to get this case solved, but I will never stop trying.

    • Walter says:

      Very interesting link.
      To save people some Googling,
      “The timing of the original conclusion that Busch has passed a polygraph test is particularly disturbing to the King family. This polygraph was taken on January 27, 1977, and Tim was abducted on March 16, 1977”

      Also interesting, the puff piece written about Shelden says
      “With us were Don Berlage, an assistant Charlevoix county prosecutor and his sons…” etc

      And from Mr Berlage’s obituary
      “Don served with the F.B.I. in San Francisco, Callif., and New York City from 1953 until 1955 when he moved to Toledo, Ohio, and worked in the Kaiser Jeep legal department until 1967.
      …In 1967, he moved to Charlevoix to enter into private legal practice. Don also owned Northern Michigan Title company since 1972.”

      All of the evidence points to an international group of ‘government types’ who used a global network to cultivate people with unusual sexual apetites.

      The British side has been slowly getting exposed.

      But the American involvement not.

      Note the similarities between Shelden and various British characters. Post ‘exposure’ they go into ‘hiding’ and develop a supposed history as leaders of pedophilia networks, but the linkage is clumsy, and it looks like a clever ruse to distract from their continued involvement with various government agencies.

      Shelden supposedly took the name ‘Frank Torey’ or Tory.

      When the internet began there was a scramble to use cryptography to maintain control of certain things. Long story short, this led to an extremely powerful group of people within government who had a backdoor to all sorts of things, among them unusual criminal networks like were involved in this case.

      The flaws involved in the ‘technology’ are known to enough people, and bits and pieces leak out constantly, that it is only a matter of time til the crooked structure crumbles. Several governments already devote a fair amount of effort to playing whackamole with public exposure of the issue.

      • Walter says:

        One more point to give people an idea of why this issue is hard to solve.

        The same basic ‘weak security protocol’ is involved in a lot of other charades.

        The Korean peninsula has been the number two consumer of military hardware for decades, after the Middle East.

        It’s billions of dollars, lots of jobs and other things.

        The same basic ‘security issue’ involved in the modern day incarnation of the issues on this blog is used by ‘government types’ not only for massive information gathering, blackmail etc, but also to maintain the lucrative military hardware business, and part of that is fake threats like


        It is mindboggling that the general public falls for these absurdities.

        There are also some massive digital currency hacks / thefts that appear to be related to the same issue.

        The ‘tool’ or ‘broken tool’ used by these government types can be used to do almost anything anywhere that involves computer networks.

        So what you have now are two main government groups.

        a) So called ‘law enforcers’ trying to solve crimes have an incredible ‘tool’ that can be used to do almost anything. They are protective of its secrecy,understandably, because it basically allows almost any crime to be solved if it involves anything touching a computer network.

        b) But there are also spinoff groups of these ‘law enforcers’ who have gone into business for themselves, and there is nothing the ‘other’ group of law enforcement can do to touch them, as long as they compartmentalize their network properly.

        The second groups, a number of groups, continues gathering useful material. Each of those groups, mainly U.S. and European individuals, continues growing in power. They are like small groups of princes with vast power over governments etc.

        So if you follow the thread of law enforcement ‘developing’ carefully managed assets like Shelden, the same group in the ’90s starts to use various new techniques to stay ahead of the internet.

        In the early 2000’s they develop the masterpiece, which has both solved vast numbers of crimes for the ‘honest cops’ and provided billions of dollars for the ‘corrupt cops’.

        If the older cases are ‘solved’, it’s a short walk for most people to put 2 and 2 together and figure out that vast government networks around the world in all countries, including the U.S., have been utterly compromised for many years.

        No doubt most people think this is exaggeration or nonsense, but it is true, and if anything even more serious than described here. So if you do manage to accurately unravel the crimes described on this blog, and its done accurately and completely, there will be so many other ‘related’ news stories that the murders discussed on the blog will be on page 10.

  16. everyd15 says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I’m going to start writing some letters. Do you think money is part of their excuse to not do further testing? I’d be happy to setup a gofundme if that’s the case.

    Anyway, I’ve read most of your site and there’s so much info. But is there a list of like 5 things that could be tested that could tie this together somewhat or make a case against some of the horrible people that are still alive? I know you highlighted some in a post a couple weeks earlier. But if there was a few things that could be mentioned in a letter, then they don’t have much of an excuse to say it would take up too much time and money.

    I’m guessing they want to continue with the cover up, but it is the only way I can think of to possibly help.


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