The past few days I have fielded a few questions I could not answer about Gerald Richards, pedophile, child pornographer, child rapist and side kick to Francis Frank Shelden, a wealthy version of Richards. I looked to FOIA documents concerning the investigation into Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson beginning in January 2005 because this investigation yielded many, many names of Michigan pedophiles and child pornographers. I was also looking for the information concerning Josiah Tazelaar’s refusal to take a polygraph exam in this case due to his “heart condition,” and his brother’s evasive answers to investigators in 2007. This piece of shit (the brother) lived three blocks from us, right by my old elementary school. I think he and his wife still do. His brother is a convicted child predator who was actively raping and assaulting kids in the 1970s. Although the brother lived in Birmingham in March of 1977, he just couldn’t remember ever hearing about the OCCK crimes. But I found a lot more than the description of the Tazelaars’ dance with investigators in 2007.

Lawson was arrested in January 2005 for the 1989 murder of a Livonia cab driver. In an attempt to cut some kind of deal with police, he told Detective/Sgt. Cory Williams that he knew who “did the snow killings” in Michigan. He gave Williams the name Ted Orr, aka Ted Lamborgine. An in-depth investigation into Lamborgine and Lawson concerning the OCCK cases revealed many, many child sexual assaults by these men, who were charged and ultimately convicted in Wayne county for many, many counts of child sexual assault in the 1970s and 1980s. Lawson died in prison in 2012. Lamborgine, who failed a polygraph in 2005 concerning my brother’s case specifically, is serving three life sentences for his child sexual assaults and rapes at the Kinross Correctional Facility in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

This was not the first time Richard Lawson tried to serve up names in the OCCK case. As noted in this FOIA document, in 1988, while Lawson was awaiting trial on a four-count child Criminal Sexual Conduct charge (with a child under 13) in the Macomb County jail, he contacted my father and told him he knew who killed his son. My father went with police to meet with Lawson. This meeting was memorialized and the notes were found in December 2005 by an FBI agent, in FBI files on this case.


In 1988, Lawson didn’t dime Lamborgine, but he does drop the dime on a man we have become sadly familiar with in this case. Read it for yourself. It’s better that way. Note that Lawson’s CSC case was dismissed and this information was NEVER FOLLOWED UP ON. Go figure. And of course this shit was in AN FBI FILE. The same FBI files that presumably contain the work done to identify the make of the car that left the imprint in the snow at where Kristine’s body was dumped that never was made public. And the hypnosis and interview of Doug Wilson, who saw Tim riding launching his skateboard in the parking lot of the Hunter Maple Pharmacy and described a Pontiac LeMans with the numbers 222 in the license plate. No, you never heard about that information from the Task Force either.

The FBI claimed in response to a FOIA request that records concerning Frank Shelden, N. Fox Island and Christopher Busch were destroyed in a catastrophic flood. Clearly there are FBI records concerning the OCCK case as of December 2005. Maybe another $11,000 worth–assuming they could be “located.”

If you find yourself asking “what the fucking fuck?!,” join the club.


  1. After 32 years of experience, trust me; not all heart conditions exclude someone from being a fit subject for a polygraph exam.

  2. Hi, The first page of 2 ends with line 45 and the next page starts with line 1. there is a disconnect. Was this intentional, as the detective’s story is discontinued?

    1. Intentional. The first page is to show what document I am posting from. The second page has the information I wanted readers to see. Posting the entire report will require heavy redaction, as there are many victims’ names.

  3. This is the worst club to be in, Cathy. There’s no way to quit. Did Doug Wilson recall the color of the LeMan’s? I’ve honestly started confusing my knowledge with my hopes.

    1. Truly terrible. It never ends. That’s what the law enforcement officials who put this “away” in 1978 did not foresee or care about. They were banking on no more killings and avoiding outing significant men in high places who were either informants or otherwise deemed untouchable. I think Doug Wilson did mention a color of the LeMans. I will have to go into my dungeon to find his information and report back.

        1. In the information Doug Wilson provided my Dad, he does not mention the color of the LeMans. I’m sure it was noted by the FBI, as Wilson was under hypnosis for four hours. As Wilson noted in his letter to my Dad, the FBI was very excited about his information and told him to keep quiet about it, so as not to tip off the owner of the LeMans. (Right.) Wilson also stated that during hypnosis, he provided information that resulted in two sketches–one of each of the men he described, one older, one younger. As someone in LE told me, it is difficult to believe that agents or the police were unable to track down this license plate, even in pre-computer days. Assuming it is a Michigan plate–the sequence is typically three letters and three numbers–it just doesn’t seem like in 1977 this would have been an impossible task. And of course these jokers NEVER made this information public, when it could have actually helped.

          1. I wonder if it was never tracked down (the plate) because it ended up being a manufacturers owned one?

    2. Hi Judi:
      Green. This was obtained through Nina Innstead’s Podcast, Dont talk to Strangers, Episode 7, towards the end of the podcast.
      The witness on I-75 near JR’’s drop off gave the description of a Blue/Green color.

  4. Hi B-
    Thanks. I knew the witness of Jill’s drop off identified a color. I am particularly interested in Doug Wilson who, under hypnosis, went into detail about Tim’s activity and the scene at the Hunter Maple parking lot. On that day it may have been a different car or more than a single car. Since my mother in law had her own experience that day and described a LeMans style car, I’m hoping for a similar color identification.

    1. Doug Wilson’s description of the LeMans was Green in regards to what he saw in the parking lot of the Hunter Maple pharmacy re: TK.
      Yes, Nina Innstead’s DONT Talk to Strangers was very informative. Doug Wilson’s description of the young guy talking to Tim in the parking lot was Greg Greene.

      1. Thanks! I’ll ask Nina then. I can say that on one episode there was incorrect info (I contacted her about it and it didn’t come out of her mouth) so I am a little suspect to take that as fact yet. But, I appreciate your help.

        1. Hi Judi:
          Were you able to find out the color of the LeMans from the interview hypnosis of DW?
          Also, did your late mother-in-law call the police about the suspicious car creeping around the park on 3/16/77?

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