Two Questions

Does anyone have any idea how a photograph of a the late Richard Vander Veen, a United States Congressman from Michigan in the 1970s, ends up at the bottom right of the Google gallery to the right of this page, under a photo of convicted pedophile Donald Edward Sandberg? Check it out:

See also:


Second question–Does anyone recall an article mentioning a priest in Port Huron, and his feeling he needed protection because of another case that was going on in the Detroit area? It surfaced in a generic search about the OCCK case. I don’t have details about it, but the article was accessible as recently as about 18 months ago, but it appears a lot of things have been “disappeared” from the web, including this article.

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  1. There was a clergyman in Ontario, CN with the same name (Richard Vanderveen) who was arrested and convicted of molesting a young boy. I believe the congressman’s photo is just a case of mistaken identity.

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