Absconder from parole, 12-16-19

Thanks to a reader for sending the following information about James Vincent Gunnels, victim and companion of Christopher Busch and Greg Greene.


As of December 16, Gunnels’ status with the Michigan Department of Corrections is “Absconder from Parole,” from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He is on parole for sale/delivery of meth.

Gunnels is the epitome of the child rape victim described in the June 17, 1977 editorial from the Traverse City Record-Eagle I posted yesterday. Emotionally and spiritually murdered, unable to erase emotional scars, may turn to lives of crime, drug addiction or prostitution. 2019-12-30_191653

None of Gunnels’ criminal history involves prostitution or violence of any kind to children. He has steadfastly maintained he knows nothing about the OCCK crimes. Another victim of Busch and Greene, (two years younger than Gunnels, who was born in 1961) who was also used as a lure to get kids close enough to abduct, was very forthcoming with investigators in March of 2008. He told investigators that Busch had him perform oral sex on a boy that Busch had brought down from up north and stated that it was the same boy that the police showed him a picture of in 1977 that was dead and identified the boy in 2008 as Tim King. 2019-12-31_083622. This victim also told police Busch kept handcuffs and a pistol in his car. He was clearly afraid of both Busch and Greene, as I’m sure Gunnels was.

But unlike this victim, Gunnels is saying nothing. As criminologist, Dr. Michael Arntfield opined in a recent podcast, these people, including Ted Lamborgine and Arch Sloan, are probably not talking out of fear of a person or people in high places, or their legacy. https://www.spreaker.com/user/jreubenappelman/episode6final. Gunnels was a minor when the OCCK crimes took place. He has had multiple chances to be honest, but he will never go there.

There is a lot about Vince Gunnels online and I have discussed him at length in my blog. Here’s a little more about Vince Gunnels.

From 2011:


And from 2012:


And from 2014:


When I find the transcript of a prison phone call recorded between Vince and his sister, provided in response to a FOIA request, I will post it. You can read it and decide for yourself if Detective O’Dell’s “license and registration, please” response noted above isn’t just a little defensive for good reason.

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  1. I really fail to see who would care enough to “off” Gunnels or anybody else at this point. He and they are not talking because they are shits.

  2. Gunnel and others may well be “shits”, but that is not the only reason they are silent. I have long argued they are terrified of something or someone with enormous power, even today.

    Yet, the original kidnappers/murderers/ring-leaders are all long dead or infirm, certainly.

    So who or what?

    Only some organized force, omniscient, omnipresent, and still so powerful (today!) the “shits” can neither hide nor run. One so strong (today!) it can reach into prison and compel/intimidate Arch Sloan to accept a life sentence, with no chance of parole rather than to spill whatever he may know about the case. One that can still TODAY! pressure/threaten Vince Gunnels to remain silent, even though HE WAS A YOUNG VICTIM and deserving of some compassion!

    Neither the Busch family money of the 1970’s, the image of GM, the aura of Oakland County, the influence of of Francis Shelden’s money, inactions by the MSP or the Oakland County Sheriff or local police departments, nor any other pedophile pornographer ring-leader’s hold could possibly explain either the ongoing cover-up or the pressure on Sloan and Gunnels still today!

    All of those reasons are irrelevant.

    The reason the case isn’t solved today is because to do so would threaten the image of some very powerful institution today. An honest investigation would have implicated this institution in the OCCK case through their routine use of informants on the national pornography/pedophile rings, some of whom were part of the OCCK murder ring.

    It was the job and sworn duty of this institution to crack such national child porn/pedo rings, and this institution was, legitimately, using its informants to do exactly that.

    Except that some of its informants were also killing kids in Oakland County.

    When the FBI found out their own informants were kid-killers, that was something they could never, never never reveal. And they would kill or silence the killers and anyone else who could even tangentially connect them to the men who did it.

    So they did.

  3. I wonder if he’s on his way to the UP to pay Lamborgine a visit. This just makes me want to throw up. Seriously. I knew as soon as I heard Ted Lamborgine’s name spill out of my past pastor’s mouth, I was sitting in a den of vipers. I cannot believe I was the one to blow up that entire little gang of thieves. Them taking money from Lamborgine and other prisoners and using the “church” to launder their money. I just wonder how this pastor went up to visit Lamborgine and came back with $10,000 cash inside a brown paper bag. I always think about child pornography when I think of that. Hopefully I at least made their little den of vipers harder to conduct business. I am really not exaggerating one tiny bit when I write this either. I pray this entire thing gets blown wide open one day.



  4. I know this isn’t directly related to this topic, but I believe one of Christopher Busch’s nephews died this past February.
    WallObituary & EventsPhotos & Videos
    Obituary for Brent Harris Busch
    Brent Harris Busch, 55, of Newaygo, passed away on February 6, 2019 at home. He was born on March 21, 1963 to John and Constance (Young) Busch in Flint, Michigan. Brent worked as a Artist. Brent is survived by his brother Scott Busch of Newaygo; girlfriend Elsie Busch of Newaygo; niece Samantha Busch; two great-nieces: Isabelle VanHorn and Zelda Sherwood. He was preceded in death by parents. Private family memorial service was held. Memorials are suggested towards the funeral expenses. Please share your memories of Brent online at http://www.fieldsmckinley.com.

      1. I don’t know why it posted as anonymous. I thought I signed up. Anyways, I don’t know how he died, but it was shortly before the documentary Children of the Snow aired.
        Rose Ann

        1. Thanks, Rose Ann. Word Press takes my money and the platform is basically easy but not always 100%. When I mess with privacy settings it shuts people out and/or makes it a free-for-all.

  5. A bit off topic here but…There’s a 1983 movie called, ‘The Star Chamber,’ that’s about some judges who form a secret group to dish out justice to those who escaped the courts on technicalities. The story revolves around a pedophilic ring where children are being abducted, raped, murdered and filmed. There’s 9 child victims in total. Same as occk.

    1. And you can see how it could come to that. I will check it out. A number of men ended up dead in Oakland County in 1977 and 1978 by suicide or murder. I’d say the percentages were up those two years.

  6. Is there any current information about Gunnels’ brother Paul? Did he suffer the same troubled fate? Could he have any information if he knew Busch?

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