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Happy 2020. Let’s look back at 2007, courtesy of FOIA documents received in this case. Don’t worry, it won’t jeopardize any convictions. There won’t be any. No justice, no salvation. Hell, no explanations or observations.

You may have seen portions of these documents in previous posts. Reading these pages all together, even with the redactions, gives a much better idea of why someone like me might be so agitated.

This report was prepared by then Livonia PD Det./Sgt. Cory Williams. Livonia, as in Wayne County. There are references to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office as well. Lots of heavy lifting–more than was ever done before by the Michigan State Police. Wait, I can hear you saying “isn’t it the OAKLAND COUNTY child killer?” What were the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office doing about this? Same as now–dick.


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  1. Truly, if Tim’s body had not been dumped in Wayne County instead of Oakland County (like Mark, Jill and Kristine) the lid on this bullshit would have never budged an inch.

  2. Who wouldn’t understand why someone like you would be agitated? Hang in there. At the very least this nightmare will become an historical event to teach people in the future about what a crooked local government looks like.

  3. Hi Cathy, within the first page of those documents most people can tell that the “fix” was in on that polygraph business. When I say the “first” page, I mean that page and the first few lines on the second page. So yes, it stands to good reason why you are very angry about the whole works. Please understand that when I revert to evidence and comparisons to the Ramsey case, I’m motivated mainly by righteous indignation and a sense of duty. The Ramsey family, and the public at large was screwed over by the cop shop, but the machinery and circumstances have been somewhat different. Alex Hunter, to his credit, refused to go along with a very obvious string of lies. The same was the case for Detective Lou Smit. Hunter correctly identified the chief of police, Eller, as being the main problem. But the real main problem was much larger and much more insidious, and that was the systematic false reporting by a main stream media which is most certainly controlled by a single entity. Currently the most important book to read is titled: We Have Your Daughter, by journalist Paula Woodward. I hope to carefully study all of the documents that you provide. Western media outlets were being operated somewhat differently in the 70’s, however, you can still easily detect the overall control that the killer’s camp had over the media back then. There is no question in my mind whatsoever that OCCK and the Ramsey cases are linked. The information that I’ve compiled and sorted out is completely in congruence with that of Paula Woodward’s work. The first step to knowing that my assertions are valid comes with the realization the the so-called ransom note in the Ramsey case is not disguised writing, it’s a very very articulated and detailed series of writings. That document has proof right on the surface of it that is was drawn up far in advance of the commission of the murder. Examine the three words “delivery” carefully on that first page, as well as the words that jut into the first and third examples, the letter i’s are the only letter i’s on the whole of the ransom note which have the dots and stems physically connected. That so-called ransom note is a collection of figurines. Ramsey Attorney Lin Wood knows this, and I’m very certain that many other ow people know this too. Hang in there Cathy, hang in there.

  4. In addition to Cory Williams five additional investigators have advised me that Christopher Busch was Involved in Tim’s murder. However, the Michigan Attorney General, the Oakland County Commission and Prosecutor, the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, the Oakland County Court and the reporting media refuse to discuss this with me.

    The Michigan Courts and/or Legislature should protect the families of murdered victims by requiring disclosure of the facts involving any deceased suspect if they can keep their month’s shut for more tha four decades.

  5. Did Det. Williams retire? I swear in the Children of the Snow documentary (I watched a few of the recent specials on OCCK so if I’m mixing them up I apologize) he said (and appeared to be) that he was confident that this case could be solved and there could be breakthroughs, that he was unable to discuss in detail, soon. I hope he is still at the department, he seems like the only one helping.

    As someone raised and currently residing in Metro Detroit, the dark history of the Cass Corridor, that I’ve learned through this case, haunts me to this day. I cannot go through that area without thinking of the countless innocent young lives that were destroyed. Today it has become part of the upscale trendy hipster scene. But for me it’s too hard to forget that it was once a haven for pedophilia fucks. It’s sickening.

    1. Det. Williams has retired, but continues to consult on the case. I agree, the case can be solved. Details soon? Define “soon.” The pedophile scene in Detroit and Metro-Detroit was so pervasive and yes, Drew, it is so sickening. Some of the records I have read in the Lawson/Lamborgine investigation are so chilling, so haunting, and so depressing when you realize how freely these rings operated. Hipster area–good luck with that. I am all for success in Detroit, but we need to acknowledge what happened to thousands of children there who were sitting ducks.

  6. makes you wonder if Cabot was incompetent, paid off or part of the paedophile ring. So none of this went any further based on a polygraph that’s not even admissable in court ? How convienient for them all. What happened after this police report ? He seems so determined to get to the truth.

  7. Hi Cathy, I’ve read the whole thing and made several notes, but I also plan to re-read it, so that I can better understand all that I’ve read. The evidence shows a higher level of organization and sophistication vs the level of Busch and Green, and all of the other suspects mentioned. I agree that the Busch death scene was a “diorama.” I think that if you do a casual study of the Allen letter to Dr Danto and use the program on the misspelled words, you’ll see that an interesting message(s) will emerge. Especially so with all of the anagrams and acronyms which result that have an Italian theme in common. Then notice the keywords which repeat, like Birmingham. His overall remarks show that he has intimate knowledge of the crime. Notice his remarks which seem flippant or glib…I think that those same remarks are part of a journal that he’d been carrying. What I also mean by this last remark, is that his remarks probably have multiple meanings. A year or two ago, I showed my friend Bob Schilz the Chris Busch crime/death scene images that you posted, in order to get his input. One of the things that he pointed out, was that he thought that the small brass shovel image, was like the shovels that a candy store would use to bag up candy sold in bulk. I recently linked him the Michael Arntfield audio that you posted, but I don’t know whether he’s had time to listen to it.(?) As you know; all of these pedophile acts are violent acts, but which of the pedophiles were capable of outright murder? Big money or the perception of big money, and big control seems to always ride the backdrop of the crimes. I think that the primary motive of the people behind these crimes was racketeering and control, which I then realize that I’m stating the obvious. Thanks again, Cathy.

      1. Cathy, I don’t have my mind wrapped around who all of the cops were and what they each did and didn’t do, in order to give a good answer on that. It seems as though once it came to light that Busch and Green were pinned down as good and viable suspects, part of me would think that they, the cops, were going after bigger fish, but otherwise it seems as though a lid was put on the whole works.(?)I have some very certain opinions about certain cops in the Ramsey case, and simple stupidity on their parts, isn’t a valid excuse for their overall misbehavior. Cathy, first and foremost, I like to sort out the evidence with things that we can state with a great degree of certainty, and then I like to stay anchored to that certainty, if the evidence holds up that supports any such convictions. Let me cite an example that isn’t supported by evidence, but is supported by life’s experience and something they used to call common sense: Early in the Ramsey case, John Ramsey stated that his daughter would have jumped right out of bed and gone with Santa. Another researcher speculated that perhaps someone tapped on the girl’s window and she let them in. However, Christmas is a long day for a child of 6, and once they fall asleep that late in the day, they will be very hard to awaken. Now, in the OCCK cases, I tend to think that whomever got those kids in the car, had a more sophisticated way of gaining their confidence, especially with the third and fourth victims. For an obvious example: Frank Shelden succeeded with the aid of the gym teacher goofball. By the time it came around to your brother, I think that it’s reasonable to suspect that a more sophisticated ruse was used on him, and perhaps with the aid of a person he already trusted? And/or, they might have used a ruse where they used his name, saying, for example: “Are you Tim King and is your sister Cathy King, because she has an emergency and she needs your immediate help, she told me to give you a ride back to her.” Or some such thing where they had a good knowledge base on your family, aka a dossier. The totality of the evidence in the Ramsey case proves that the killer’s camp had a dossier on the entire Ramsey family. Amazingly, the ransom note hints at this in several ways, with the large list of paramilitary terms it uses, coupled with a few curious little figurines. Otherwise, yes, Busch and Green also had, or seemed to have had inside crime scene knowledge, that is, if I’ve read that whole thing correctly? There’s lots to talk about on this stuff, that’s for certain. When I first studied that Zodiac killer cases, I knew absolutely nothing about the cases, and I humbly avoided asking questions until I had developed a good knowledge base. BTW, none of the popular and customary suspects cited in that particular series is a valid suspect, that I’m very very certain of. The Zodiac killer stuff, like the Ramsey case, were huge cash cows for the media fiends. Nationwide and Worldwide, OCCK was and is suppressed news, that I’m very convinced of.

      2. Cathy, I wanted to use your Dad’s name, instead of yours in the hypothetical example of how they might have gotten your brother, Tim, to lower his guard, but only today did it finally dawn on me that your Dad’s name was ‘Barry’, as best as I recall? Sorry that I run long on the Ramsey case, but it’s currently still my strongest focus. I only recently came to realize what the ransom note author was implying with the way he structured the implied word “individuals,” coupled with the surrounding words. It’s not pretty, nor is it nice, of fit for children’s ear’s and eyes, but it is very relative and pertinent to the basic crime scene evidence. I relayed it to Lin Wood and I had a hard time explaining it, because I’m a bit of a coy prude at heart. Very soon I’ll post if on my thread.

  8. Hi Cathy, here are my preliminarily and puzzled reactions to certain lines in the FOIA. I’ll use the PDF page number, which is one number higher than the footer page title: Page 23, 2/19/08, What was Dykstra actual opinion on the polygraphs(?) Page 23, line 14, Kalbfliesch recalls a “shotgun” used in Busch death scene, not a 22 cal? Was he fixated on the the desk diorama? He recalls correctly the “screaming boy drawing.” Page 23, line 27 Doan recalls Busch “hung” himself? Really? WTF. Page 25, Doan thinks Green as more of a suspect, than as a witness. Page 25, 1/28/77, Doan, Cattel, Waldren, and Rivard, lines 11,12, 13, Do these same locations coincide with the actual crime locations? It seems to me that they do. Line 20, Daily Tribune state claims Task Force sees no links? Really? The last page has two separate reports that Busch was not despondent. Cathy, all in all, didn’t I read that Busch and Green both made highly incriminating statements? Are we missing evidence that was exculpatory for those two guys?
    Thanks again.

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