You Know They Know, January 5, 2020

Take a listen to three new episodes in J. Reuben Appelman’s podcast series, You Know They Know. Start with episode 1 if you are just getting started.

Episodes 9-11 dropped today about Vince Gunnels, Arch Sloan and the Michigan State Police.

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    1. Thanks for doing and linking these podcasts, Cathy. I can completely understand your anger and frustration that comes from dealing with some of the people mentioned.

        1. Listening to these this weekend. I don’t know how you’re to keep thinking and talking about all this. Thanks for what you do.

          1. Thanks for the support DL. I do it because what happened to those four kids (and probably more) is the most heinous crime imaginable. Then you compound the injustice on top of it and someone has to speak out. Not only did people get away with murder, the very agencies tasked with protecting society and bringing some sense of closure and what passes for justice in Oakland County, cared only about their reputations and self-interest. Those who are silent are complicit.

  1. I made a mistake I always thought that Arch Sloan was the kid that tried to kidnap me in Lake Orion Michigan, but now carefully listening that Gunnels was 15 makes more sense because I always thought that Sloan may have looked young for his age, but after reviewing the pictures of Gunnels I wish he would look straight his eyes are always all over the place I remember the eyes that were staring directly into mine and looking carefully I believe it was Gunnels not Sloan, I remember the guy looking like someones big brother and I stated that long ago, so now what do we do, I can identify him but who is gonna listen. He also has a perfectly triangle nose and the blue piercing eyes with the shape I remember, his hair was really short and blonde and that fits this Gunnels description. I am so glad I never pushed it was Sloan, but I am the only living person that can identify the kidnapper, it is a lot of stress on me, I feel even more confident it is Gunnels he looked like a little blonde haired teen ager, which is exactly what he was.
    I thank you for your podcast that triggered me to know exactly who it was, I would testify to it, and I am sure we could rattle him by telling him the two that got away one will testify so you can’t lie about it anymore, If Mr. Killjar ever gets to do an interview with him, make sure he asks that question, “What about the two that got away from you do you think they can identify you now?”
    I mean there has to be something that we can say to make him talk, I am sure that will do it, he knows we got away from his grip and no matter how many drugs he has done, the look of determination on his face and the look of defeat when he knew I would pull us free to the point of exhaustion until we fell down on the dirt road and he sped aways from us.

      1. I have not watched it yet, and now knowing there is a picture of him young scares the crap out of me to see that face again but I guess I will have to.

        Before I do tell me if I am right with out seeing him, he was skinny very short blonde hair almost like a oval shaped eye with perfect eyebrows and I would say he was not a bad looking kid with nice features high cheek bones, and looked like someones big brother it is what I remember of him.

        1. I had never seen this photo before. I didn’t know who it was. When the show’s producers told me who it was, it broke my heart. Beautiful person, looked innocent. Nothing like the haunted, fucked up look he has later in life. Very blonde.

          1. Yep, that is him a very cute kid and looked so innocent until he could not get us in the car he looked like a mannequin with no emotion as he pulled my arm and hers

            1. Something similar happened to me in Livonia June 1977. Walking home from school. I think it was Gunnels….I will never forget his face….my question to you is what color was the vehicle? And do you remember the make?

            2. Walking home from school. I think it was Gunnels….my question to you is what color was the vehicle? And do you remember the make?

        2. His eyes were a light color green or blue, and he spoke very softly the only words he spoke to us were “Hey girls how was your day at school” the other girl went to answer and I told her don’t talk to him keep your head down as he drove the car closer and closer to us when he grabbed us, he had long arms too to reach across the car to grab us through the passenger window, I still say that is how he got all the children we were off guard never thought we could be kidnapped from a guy driving a car, we thought you would have to get out of the car to kidnap us, I am sure all the children were put into the same position where they could not run, and there were only one of Tim, Kristine, Jill, and Mark, I will never understand why he tried to grab two of us, I guess he thought I would let go of her he made a crucial mistake and I can IDENTIFY him and he knows that forsure.

  2. Do you think if I sit with a sketch artist and showed them what my kidnapper looked like with out ever seeing a picture of Gunnels young would do it, do you think that would help if so I would be willing as I see his face perfectly still in my mind and easily could draw it, the sad thing about this guy is he looked so innocent, as I know now he was not doing the things he wanted to he was forced by the OCCK clan, so sad for him, so sad.

    1. I honestly cannot say what would help here. It might be helpful for you to get a sketch made without viewing a photo of a young Gunnels first. Would the cops do anything with this information or even track him down? Doubtful, in my opinion.

  3. OCCK SURVIVOR, please know that your feelings, fears, lingering heartache and nightmare experience are validated.

    1. Thanks Judi for your support it helps, it is frustrating as after the attempted abduction of us the police were called, we made a statement and their exact words when I was 11 “This is the guy we are looking for.”
      There has never been any mention of an attempted kidnapping of us in the OCCK history, after calling the tip line and talking with the detectives, I told them I wanted a copy of the police file, after a few weeks I did not hear from them so I called them back and asked if they did find it, they said they did but they had to call me back, well they never did and after numerous attempts to call them I never had another call back that was 6 months ago.
      So if the file exists and they did not shred it to cover something up which I am beginning to think has really happened as there has never been a mention of it, then the description of Gunnels is on that police file, so thanks for your support I need that as I really don’t know how to get someone to believe it without the police report, I also received a medal from the police department for getting us away from the kidnapper a few days later in my school, that should also be on file somewhere it was a Act of Great Courage Medal and a plaque I felt like a super hero not a child that had just escaped death, don’t think I really understood that at 11, just understood the bad man tried to get us and didn’t.
      Thanks so much for your support you have no idea how that helped me today

  4. Very frightening account. So glad you were able to escape. What year and month was your attempted abduction? And what color was his car….

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