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  1. And someone knew…..they had to.It almost looks like law enforcement appears to follow-up their leads, then buries them . There seems to be no checks or balances for a decent organized search, where everyone works together and shares all information. Of course if they are hiding evidence and theories then again the information gets hidden or lost again, and that seems to be the agenda here for their motives. It’s awful you have to re-live this. I just hope someone gets their memory jogged and comes forward. No one deserves this.

  2. Cathy,

    I had this happen to me. A car stopped and man that sounded like a young man, like 18 to 22, rolled down passenger window and asked if I wanted a cat. It was probably about April 77. It was about 10pm. The car inside was pitch black, and I heard what sounded like recorded meow sounds, like a cat but not. I ask him if he could turn on a light, he said it was broken, why don’t I hop in and check out the free cat. He was a smooth talker, very confident, but the car so dark I never saw his face. I passed on his offer and he drove off. What he didn’t see was there were about five of my friends hiding among trees, so we all got to talking about how odd the exchange was that we called the police when we got to a friends house. By that moment I was sure I came across the killer. The police came, took my statement, but I never heard back. I’m convinced to this day, this was a method to lure kids. This article mentions a dog, but they offered free pets. And they probably tried injured or lost pets, too. What assholes. I’m sorry I let that person drive off, had I got the plate, or done something more, this guy was going to be caught. To this day, I think I crossed paths with Tim’s killer, but I didn’t do enough, like in the least get the plate number. It bothers me when I spend time recounting the moment in my mind.

    Now you passed on my invitation to hear that seminar I took, but I don’t even know where you live. With that said, the company is called Landmark Education, and the course is called The Forum, and this company is in many major cities across America. You could even go on line and read their website. You taking this course will assist you in being whole and complete, and at the same time keep Tim in your heart, and it may even fuel you more to continue with your mission to expose all who fecked this up.

    Finally I requested a picture of Tim, if you agree to send me one, I can send my address. Tim lives in me, in my speaking of him, I’d love to have his photo.

    Wishes of peace in your heart,

    Brian Nefcy

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    1. Hi Brian, thank you so much for your message. Email me your address and I will send a photo of Tim. catherine.broad@yahoo.com. I want you to know I have done a lot of work to help heal. A lot. When the case was resurrected in 2005 it has certainly been re-traumatizing in a way I cannot adequately express. I am at peace in many ways, but my blog voices the outrage that I think everyone should feel over the lack of justice for and downright dismissal of the lives of Tim, Kris, Jill and Mark by the way this investigation has been handled. And for the many kids, who like you, experienced a lure attempt during that era. Our communities were not safe. Thank you again, Brian.

  3. It’s sad (amongst so many other things in this case, of course) but knowing what we know now with how this case has developed and with how law enforcement has acted, I read the comments from LE in this article, and literally roll my eyes at the generic “tough guy” cop talk.

    Sucks reading this article now and knowing all of these tips and “sudden realization” by LE that there are a bunch of pedo’s out there, ultimately leads to nothing.

    1. It did lead to nothing, Matt. A priest who was already in trouble for raping two brothers during the relevant time period was prosecuted and served a small prison sentence (and of course went back to the priesthood). NO OTHER PROSECUTIONS TOOK PLACE UNTIL WAYNE COUNTY FILED CHARGES AGAINST LAMBORGINE AND LAWSON IN 2004. So much for the big “clean up” in Oakland County.

  4. 600 reported attempts, and the attempts seem somewhat sophisticated and very apparently organized. John Mark Karr’s involvement in the Ramsey case was most definitely organized and sophisticated. After the Boulder County prosecutor’s hand was forced by the wrongfully premature arrest actions of the police in Thailand, Karr was shipped to Boulder, where he fed the media circus with three basic soundbites, soundbites designed to subliminally program the public. Essentially cleared in Boulder, then shipped his ass back to California where all of the kiddie porn evidence they had on him had mysteriously disappeared! One of the soundbites was true, and the other two were false. The true one was: “Things are not what they seem.” My research shows that the word “not” is the operative keyword. A strong and redundant hint on the Ramsey note is the word “not.” The document also has ‘underline’ symbols which also operate as “not” modifiers, which then aid in sorting out which of the text statements are actually true, and which are false…and so far; they seem to bear this out in every single instance.

  5. Another phony report claiming that the Babysitter cleaned up the dead kids. No wonder EVERYBODY believed that. About 7 years before these incidents I had my run in with a dude in a car. I did what these kids, which is almost a miracle. I ran. I’m amazed that so many of these other kids did too because the schtick was so “reasonable’.

    1. The article notes the different clever abduction techniques. The one who accosted me did this: he approached me when I was alongside his driver’s side window, i.e., I was not on the passenger side of his car. With the window rolled down he stopped the car in the middle of the street I was crossing, so I was touching distance from the car. He opened out a map and said he couldn’t find a certain location. He beckoned me to look at the map (come closer). I had frozen in place. I didn’t move. When he took the map away from his lap I could see he was unclothed, so I ran like hell all the way home.

    1. And it never seems to end. https://www.kktv.com/content/news/Sheriffs-Office-searching-for-missing-11-year-old-boy-567360661.html When will law enforcement quit referring to missing minors as “runaways”???!!!! WTF don’t these agencies get? 24 hours is a lifetime if you are being held captive and being tortured. It’s also plenty of time to get rid of a body. No one knows how this will be resolved, but for cops to treat these kids as runaways given our society’s long, sordid history with child predators and traffickers, the assumption should be that the person is in danger. WAKE UP!!

      1. They don’t get it at all. Three hours after going missing is crucial to an investigation, particularly a child. I’ve always thought runaways were outliers when in fact most are captured. As for adults, it’s even worse: Adults can legally disappear and reemerge with new identities. That fact alone is no excuse for slow action. I don’t think pedos can be rehabilitated. They should be permanently separated from us. I hope they get the SoBs who took Tim from you. That’s “The Law’s” job.

        1. I agree, Mac; pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. Witness all the disgusting old men ages 70-80 whose mug shots show up online with fair frequency. These are not harmless old men; they are men who have many victims along the way. They are dangerous predators who ruin lives. They are sick and can never be trusted. Ever.

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