“Busch was a fun guy to be around and wasn’t violent.”

In the words of a contemporary of the ubiquitous Vince Gunnels back in the day. This doesn’t sound like fun to me:


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  1. Carly says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I follow your posts, always hoping for a break and justice. With that said, you posted on a recent IL case and how it lead to a conviction based on current testing – did you ever hear back on doing the same in this case? Ironically, the IL case hit close to home. That girl was found in front of my high school in the 70’s and was one of many. No one remembers or can recall – it’s sad and lost through the years.

    • Judi C. says:

      One of the really important things in the whole Lindahl thing was the proactive steps taken to GET IT DONE. Several local law enforcement agencies teamed together to create an ad-hoc committee for solving cold cases and creating a comprehensive list of unsolved homicides. The State’s Attorney for Dupage County in charge of Investigations, Robert Guirrieri, said in an article in the Chicago Trib (By MEGAN JONES – AURORA BEACON-NEWS JAN 17, 2020) that there are 75-80 unsolved deaths for Dupage County going back to the 70s.
      Note: LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT teamed TOGETHER. Now there’s a concept.

  2. crimebuffy says:

    The “sickness” and amount of pervs involved never ends. I say my opinion on things rhetorically but how do we know Greene’s DNA was really ruled out and if he died in the 90’s, how was he tested? Bobby Moore too. Close but no cigar doesn’t cut it, seems the interrogation of Lamborgine missed the mark, how do these skilled interrogators come away empty handed?!

  3. RD1 says:

    RIP Shawn Moore
    Abducted, raped, murdered by Ronald Lloyd Bailey – aged 26 in 1985 = aged 16 in 1975


    • RD1 says:

      Ronald Bailey’s incredible criminal history and obsession with a very specific pattern of behaviour. Presumably, would have been in Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital in 1977.
      He is still a demonstration that juveniles can’t be ruled out as perpetrators of such crimes, we shouldn’t assume they’d be incapable of it.


      • Kat says:

        He was in Northville in 1976 & 1977. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved somehow. Northville was so overpopulated patients just walked away. Not to mention the tunnels the kids could have been kept in.

    • TB2020 says:

      I never heard of the Shawn Moore case until I saw his name listed here. I looked it up and read about it. Both Shawn Moore and Ken Myers were killed by the same person Ronald Bailey. Bailey attacked several other boys prior to killing Myers and Moore. Law enforcement in Livingston County acted quickly and efficiently in finding Shawns killer and apprehending him had they not its untelling how many other young boys Bailey would have murdered.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just read an article about another child killed around the same time. Valerie Bishop. Found dead 2-3-77 buried in the snow in the backyard of a house on Cedarlawn in Detroit. Missing for 17 days before her body was found. Disappeared after walking away from her home to run an “errand”. The article mentions the task force and says that L. Brooks had “ no idea” if this case was connected to the OCCK cases.

    Have you heard of this case?

  5. cantos1721 says:

    So I have been following your blog, reading, and watching documentaries. I just happened to google where I could find to FOIA documents. This was the first thing that came up. What a joke they are 😞 Catherine is there some place on your blog that I can just see the uploaded reports or access any of the FOIA docs ? I don’t know if your family made them public or not.

  6. Mara Kaufman says:

    Whaaaat? “Busch was a fun guy to be around and he wasn’t violent”? Oh yeah I get it, like a shits n giggles kinda rape. Is that why you continued the relationship cause I don’t get it. And what was Busch’s nephew doing hanging out with him and Sloan? I guess I’m the last to know that the Busch family must’ve been infused with perversion, where were the mothers and sisters? Did nobody in the extended family ever speak up?

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