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So now you have seen all of the FOIA documents I have seen. I previously posted the FOIA documents received from the MSP concerning the investigation into Frank Shelden and Gerald Richards and N. Fox Island.

The MSP file is small, but the case journal shows that someone was checking on the case at yearly intervals to consider trying to extradite Shelden. There had to be an extensive FBI file on Shelden. In the MSP file pages most, but not all, of the “client” names were redacted. A couple got missed and there is one guy who stands out from Quebec as matching the last name of a retired Detroit police officer. At least two victims’ names were not redacted in those particular files and that’s why I tried my hardest not to post anything that had slipped through the official redaction process. It is easy to miss a name here or a reference there. It really is.

As you will recall, a FOIA request to the FBI for documents concerning Christopher Busch and Frank Shelden/N. Fox Island was answered with the “destroyed in a catastrophic flood” at one of their retention facilities excuse. Both subjects were deceased, so had it not been for the flood . . .

Here’s what happened when then reporter Marney Keenan attempted to get FOIA documents from the FBI concerning the hypnotizing and interrogating of witness Doug Wilson.

FBI FOIA Request

They provided 12 of 130 pages. I have not seen these pages, and the MSP FOIA response does address the basic information provided by Mr. Wilson and he spoke directly with my Dad. The rest of the pages were withheld by the FBI under the “reasonably expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings exemption.” Oh, and records that “may have been responsive to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request were destroyed on (July 10, 2009).” Thirty-two year old records just happened to be up for destruction after Cory Williams started digging deeper into the OCCK case. Guess 32 is the magic number for cycling into the shredder.

So when someone tells me to call the FBI, I really don’t think that would be worth anyone’s time, do you? “Reasonably expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings.” That is laughable and indefensible.

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  1. Cathy:

    I don’t know how your Dad, you and the rest of your family has dealt with all this B.S. It doesn’t end and it keeps getting deeper. If we started a go fund me page to pay for it, I wonder if Doug Wilson would be willing to go through hypnosis again with a credentialed sketch artist?
    Who he saw on 3/16/77 is paramount to this case.
    Cory Williams did one hell of a job and it comes across that the toxic twins at the MSP (GG and DR) obstructed him. Can’t understand why Ray Anger was involved in questioning potential involved pedophiles either.

    Its no secret that Law Enforcement F#@%&* Up so someone still living must have taken a pretty penny to destroy or hide the FBI files re: Doug Wilson.

    Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity……. What a JOKE!!!

    1. Right on, crimebuffy. But a go fund me page? These c**ts HAVE the drawing(s) created with Doug Wilson–the FBI and the MSP! That they never released the information about the LeMans, the license plate or the drawings is completely telling. Anger kept his fingers in this case at every turn. Along with his and Jim Cox’s (also Berkley PD) treatment of a CHILD witness and life-long attempts at intimidation and weirdness after that, I have to wonder. Was he protecting the pedophile killers? That works for me, but who knows?!
      His involvement , including his reaction to and treatment of other law enforcement who saw through this bullshit, always reeked as far as I’m concerned.

      1. DW seems like a reasonable guy. I am serious when I say if we compensated him for his time and troubles and paid for the hypnotist, sketch artist and whomever else we would need. for him to privately do it, just a thought.

        1. It’s a good thought, cb, the infuriating thing is that the drawings made in June 1977 were when his memory was fresh. The MSP could find these drawings and release them as a show of good faith. It would hardly impair their nonexistent future criminal proceedings.

          1. Especially if those drawings resemble ANY of the freaks sitting in the files – released and not released (Busch, Hastings, Green, Lamborghine, Lawson, Sheldon, . . .my brain hurts and I haven’t even scratched the surface.)

  2. OK, so I have too crazy busy to read, please tell me who Doug Wilson is and what did he sketch.

  3. file:///C:/Users/Owner/Documents/2018_10_12/WHite%20German%20Shepherd.pdf

    was just going through some business files and came across this e-mail from Helen regarding my sketch of the dogs, especially the white german shepherd. Is there anyway to find out what kind of dogs the Hastings had?

  4. We would have to ask here, Fremont. I don’t recall any discussion about dogs at his house or his parents’ house next door on Tuckahoe. Just like I don’t recall any discussion with police and him about succinylcholine or burking. As three other readers pointed out, those maps he drew when he sat with Helen are actually deeply disturbing for their level of detail. Even if you assume this guy had nothing to do with these crimes (I make no such assumption), look at how much he cost taxpayers in investigative costs due to his little “story telling” with Helen. WTF?

    1. I wish I had saved photos of John and his brother Tom that Helen had sent me, His brother Tom sure looked a lot like the sketch I made and also the one the police had drawn. I often thought maybe they worked as a team. I know his sister gave them an Alibi. I often wondered if I went under hypnosis if I could remember or see the license plate on the front of the car.
      I sure hope you find closure, So awful that there may be a living person out there who did this and may still be predate
      ing on children.

      1. I know. It is horrifying. I have a photo of John from back in the day and someone sent me a high school graduation photo of Ted Lamborgine about a week ago. Thanks for the reminder. I will dredge these up and post.

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