Saving the worst for last.


This is the last part of this series of posts about how the OCCK case got resurrected (really resurrected) in 2005 when the late pedophile and murderer Richard Lawson starting talking to Livonia PD Det. Cory Williams. This will take you to 2008. There is a lot here.

For now I will leave it at that, with just the few following observations:

1. The level of work done by then Livonia Detective Cory Williams and Wayne County is off the charts. Thinking outside of the box. Pushing for some semblance of justice in these abandoned cases.

2. Who was protecting kids back in the 1970s? Apparently no one. They were being thrown to the wolves.

3. It is so hard to realize any humanity in the pedophiles and liars in these pages. It is just asking too much.

4. How much have actions by the Oakland County prosecutors office, past and present, thwarted or impeded this investigation and why?

4. A book is due out in the fall of 2020 and hopefully some of these people and all of these issues will be discussed in greater depth. As soon as I know anything about the release date, I will post all the information.

5. Other media works are in progress. The Universe wants these crimes solved.


15 thoughts on “Saving the worst for last.”

    1. Cory Williams, thank you so much for all you have done to get these guys off the streets. They are such manipulative slime bags. These types of crimes should have a “special” kind of interrogation method to be used on the perps. I’m thinking water boarding would be too gentle for this type of sicko.

    2. Thank you for your copious notes on the investigation and for treating people who contacted you with respect.

  1. Reading these documents has been devastating, to say the LEAST. I can hardly function after each segment. What Tim and the other victims went through is unspeakable. It is especially disturbing that there were adults who knew that there were pedophiles in the neighborhood and no one spoke up. It is also surprising to read of the many family members who knew their brother/son was involved in pedophilia and yet wouldn’t speak up for the victims.
    I am also very disturbed that there were women who knew what was happening, and supported the sick bastards. They must be sick too. How can a person rationalize this? It is beyond my comprehension.

  2. it will be interesting to see how this case develops with Cooper being challenged in this upcoming election, along with Coulter in the big boy seat.

  3. Cathy, at some point this year, I will be turning my investigative notes on the case from 2010 thru 2020 over to you. Through FOIA, you already have 2004-2009. I recognize my sloppy typing in the notes you put on your blog lol. Did my best to keep running notes for 15 years so that the next detectives involved would not have to duplicate effort, but could hit the ground running. This last set is over 250 pages & covers many, many leads.
    Did my best, Cory

    1. Yes you sure did, Cory. You were the only champion for these kids. The FOIA documents were the only chance to know anything in this case beyond what little you were able to tell us. I thank you for your hard work. $11K for documents but at least we learned someone was trying. Thank you again for the hard work. You did better than anyone else.

      1. I decided during this lockdown, when my Dad was hospitalized at the height of the COVID-19 crisis in the Detroit area that it was time to put Decades of Deceit on YouTube and post the FOIA documents. If people can stay inside and watch The Tiger King once or twice, they can learn about what took place in the OCCK case and related crimes.

    2. Cory, you did an excellent job and operated with integrity. Think of the countless children you protected by getting this predators off the streets- you are so appreciated!

      And Cathy, thank you for the hours and hours of time you have spent educating all of us and working so diligently to get this solved. You have so many people standing with you who are hoping answers and justice are found some day.

  4. Two thoughts……..kudos to Detective Williams, one person who truly wants to solve this thing. Secondly, I hope Rafael is being honest about Lamborgine being beat up in prison. It’s far more than he deserves

  5. Detective Williams…thank you. You give hope that there is still good in the world and people like yourself that fight the good fight.

    Your typing and notes were right on! Job well done!

  6. The amount of work Cory Williams put into following leads and keeping a coherent, linear narrative is truly mine blowing. And the Kings persistence in pursuing the case is equally so.

    Lawson is a weasel, but did anything come of his claim to have confided in his cellmates attorney about #1 and the photo?

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