Gaining Some Traction.

The Oakland Press is on it this Sunday morning:


See Marney’s website at,

The tip line is 833-784-9425. If you have any information about the OCCK crimes, sex crimes and child pornography rings in Michigan during the 1970s, OR information about the mishandling of or cover-ups in the OCCK investigation, pick up the phone.


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  1. Bloomfieldvillagekid Aka Lysanne Hawkinson Ryan says:


  2. Meghan says:

    I live in Oakland County and, during Covid times, we can check out books from the local libraries by requesting them online. The online Library Network system seems to include access to libraries beyond Oakland County in this region too. I looked up Keenan’s book and there is not one copy in the entire system. As a small action that readers here can take, I suggest those who are able buy a copy or two of the book and donate it to your local library. Let’s get copies in Royal Oak, Baldwin, Huntington Woods, Ferndale libraries, etc. We need more local people furious about this tragic story and the cover up.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you, Meghan! I purchased a copy from Amazon and had it directly shipped to Baldwin Library in Birmingham. I received a notice two weeks ago that it had been shipped and received. I also sent Jason Appelman’s noon and MF Cribari’s book directly from Amazon to Baldwin. Figures they don’t have this ready to go. Man do I hate Birmingham.

  3. OCresident says:

    Glaring error in the article – citing Cory Williams as a City of Detroit detective.

    • Robin says:

      Yes. Leave it to the good ole Oakland Press to print such an error.

      Facts and truth do still matter.

  4. Kat says:

    Just finished this book, thank you to the author for presenting never known details through out. I have been an avid reader of all information on this case since it began. I remember pouring over the Sunday Detroit Free Press as a mere 11 year old when they would have a special section devoted to the case…even though I didn’t understand it all. I have read all the books, articles etc that I can find on the case that Haunted my childhood and still haunts me in adulthood. it is my active prayer that this case be solved, and soon.

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