“So, I think with the combination of science and getting this case out on a national scale, we might be able to find some answers.”

Marney Keenan. Yes. Excellent.


Amazon is now saying The Snow Killings will ship earlier than expected (as early as late next week). I ordered copies to be sent to Ferndale District Public Library in memory of Mark Stebbins; to Royal Oak Public Library in memory of Jill Robinson; Berkley Public Library in memory of Kristine Mihelich; and to Bloomfield Township Public library so neighbors of Chris Busch and the cops who worked there can read this book. A copy I had sent was already received by Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham. Other readers have made the awesome suggestion that after you read your copy, you donate it to your local public library.

Someone is going to have to commit to seriously investigating the information that has come to light since the airing of Children of the Snow on ID and Hulu and that will come to light in the wake of Marney’s book. Law enforcement never asked for real help from the public and we certainly now know why.

If you have information about these or related crimes, CALL THE TIP LINE at 833-784-9425 and leave a message. You have to call the tip line; not me, not my Dad, not Marney Keenan, not other authors. Others with much more to lose have come forward and spoken with current investigators. Be a warrior, not an enabler. Posting on Facebook or other websites does not count. Silence enables the bad guys, including bad cops. Nothing worse than a bad cop–except a child molester/rapist/pornographer/murderer. Pick up the phone. You never know what might help.

12 thoughts on ““So, I think with the combination of science and getting this case out on a national scale, we might be able to find some answers.””

  1. I emailed and made some calls to local media about covering this local (SE media) case by a local writer. Many crickets,

  2. Does it make sense to send some books/request books at any of the up north libraries? I’m happy to send to some libraries but don’t know which make the most sense. Alpena? Somewhere near Fox Island? Let me know!

  3. The book has also just been released on Audible! Earlier than expected!

  4. The Detroit media should be put on blast for their silence.
    Sure wish I had the funds to plaster the advertising on a few billboards across metro.
    I have also left messages with the local news 4 and Detroit News.

    The book reviews are outstanding thus far!

  5. Some ideas:
    #1Appeal to the mega stars (there are a few if you think about it) to do a “Go Fund Me” ish donation for billboard bucks. Yes, plaster the place. Make it inescapable.
    #2, Submit a request to John Lordan on YouTube to do a story
    #3, Hire a good (very good) story writer to pitch this to major news channels, doc makers, call up Michael Moore. Is he still around? And he’s even from Michigan

  6. Interesting, I will have to check out this book. On episode 2 now of Children In The Snow. I had forgotten about this case as we moved to Tennessee from Pontiac in 1980. When these events happened I was about 7 and remember being terrified to go anywhere alone. We used to walk to and from school in groups and about every 4th or 5th house an adult would be outside watching us walk to make sure we were safe.

    Would also be nice for the new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix to cover this story although I don’t know how much more could be added because Children In The Snow pretty much covers the bases.

    Ok, off to read the other sections of your blog, I just discovered it through the post above.

    1. If you are going to tackle this, I suggest you start from the beginning posts. And by all means, read the book. It is the most comprehensive dissemination of the cases I have ever seen.

      1. yes, thank you. I plan to go back and start from the first post and work my way through. Will order the book in the coming weeks.

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