“Dr. Drop Your Drawers Anderson” at the University of Michigan.

I hope U of M has to write a lot of gigantic checks to victims of Dr. Anderson. It’s the only way these institutions get the message. People don’t make this stuff up. “The problem at Michigan was systemic.”


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  1. cathybroad says:


  2. bitamoney says:

    So, regarding the other subject, how about putting up some immense murals of the kids on abandoned buildings in Detroit?

    • cathybroad says:

      I have to give this thought, bitamoney. First of all, abandoned buildings in Detroit–good idea. I am convinced the Cass is involved in this in some way. But these kids were abducted from Oakland County. Three of the four bodies were dumped in Oakland County, my brother in Wayne County. I tend to agree with Marney Keenan and other media people that time and money might be better spent on a national and international outreach about these crimes. Citizens of Oakland County, including law enforcement, have demonstrated almost complete lack of assistance in these cases. Others in Michigan have engaged in lying and ass-covering. Take Greg Greene’s brother, who told Det. Cory Williams that Greg wrote him a letter “about his life” but that he threw it out so his kids wouldn’t find it yet doesn’t remember much about the contents. Thanks, pal. John Hastings and his family have not been straight with police. Neighbors of Chris Busch seem to be protecting the family. Then there are all the people who came forward and were blown off by the task force and area police departments. These people incorrectly assume their information was taken seriously and actually investigated.

      It’s almost like the billboards should say “RERUN THE DNA IN THESE MURDER CASES AND FREE US FROM THE FILE CABINETS AT THE MSP.” Billboards would be needed at every main entrance to Oakland County. Oakland County needs to atone for these failures.

      • Matt says:

        You are maddeningly correct, Cathy.

        F’ng Oakland County couldn’t be bothered. They’ve demonstrated that for decades now. As long as the money flows in, families can keep up with “The Joneses”, soccer moms can get drunk on wine while their kids have play dates and dads can hit the golf club, and be seen at the latest trendy restaurant in Birmingham or Royal Oak, nothing else matters in the world.

        To the few good people in Oakland County who actually care and have a conscience, I hate to lump you in. But a large amount of that County is home to selfish, materialistic and vain assholes who don’t care about others. As long as they get theirs in life, screw everyone else.

  3. maggiep1958 says:

    This whole case is SO APPALLING …I AM BESIDE MYSELF.Seriously U of M you thought it was better to cover up a predator instead of FIRING HIS ASS …WHYYYYYYY for decades!!!! and why does this stuff always come out after they are dead. NO WORDS as usual.

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