14 thoughts on “Prosecutor denies Oakland County Child Killer case was obstructed, debunks other myths”

  1. I dont trust Paul Walton one bit. He knows the truth but he is protecting his buddy Jessica Cooper. I pray that once Karen McDonald takes office, she will move the OCCK case forward.


    1. I worked in political offices when a new regime cones in, praying they don’t destroy what’s left of documentation. Jessica Cooper held a press conference revealing the hair didn’t belong to Sloan, 💯 % obstruction. Someone should have went to the AGC over that.
      She’s out the door in 115 days, SEE YA!!!!!

  2. One thing I thought of. I doubt the snuff killings started in Metro Detroit but rather on the Island. Convenient to dumb bodies in the middle of Lake Michigan. They started getting sloppy and a clean up crew had to come “take care of” Busch. Has anyone interviewed the many known victims for info that attended his “charities”? Has anyone looked for missing kids cases that match from the previous several year?

    Obviously Sloan isn’t talking because he is afraid for his life and probably rightly so.

    1. His shifty eyes were all over the place.
      Looked like a guy who was totally pulling this shit out of his ass. He looked like an idiot.

  3. What a joke. So those carpet fibers are all the same color, but they don’t know if it was from the same dye lot, etc. Well did they actually test them?

    I actually wouldn’t expect there to be blood on the ligatures in the bedroom as I don’t remember the kids having open wounds on the wrists or ankles (I think I read there was some marks, but it didn’t sound like there was active bleeding). So what if there wasn’t blood, where the hell are the ropes? They might have DNA on them. Who in the world has ropes lying around their bedroom anyway? That makes me think set up as well, but given Busch’s proclivity for drawings of screaming children, anything is possible.

    Walton is crying about all the misinformation. OK, fine. How about spending time on real information, such as:
    1. Testing DNA that hasn’t been tested (including submitting to Ancestry or however other cold cases have been solved)
    2. Talking to the myriad of suspects who have failed polygraphs or had inconclusive results
    3. Talking with Doug Wilson and maybe showing other pictures of suspects
    4. Involve other agencies and actually put firepower behind getting community input. (You know, actually have people follow up on leads, that would be a nice start).
    5. Find those ‘beautiful fingerprints’ that were spoken of in those FOIA reports and run them against the database.

    There’s a million things you could add to that list. Everyone is right, his body language and eyes totally looked like he was lying and uncomfortable. I thought he could have been pushed harder, although I do appreciate that the book and case got some press.


  4. After some research the FBI has provided three different death dates to people for Shelden’s supposed death in 1996. You know what that means. I also find it odd that no investigators or authors have obtained his death certificate. That is very sloppy work.

  5. Dear Cathie,
    Whom would be best to contact for hypnosis. I would like to help as I saw front of car very well. Maybe I could remember license plate. Not sure if its perpetrator your looking for but something has always told me so. I’m willing to pay for the necessary hypnosis if it it would at all help. It was the scariest moment of my life by far

    1. I’m not sure, Monty. Let me try to figure this out. I don’t think the MSP is going to do another thing in this case except wait for a remotely possible DNA match. They are too thin-skinned to work on this case after Marney’s book.

  6. Lies lies lies & more lies… it is so disgusting how Paul Walton, easily can lie right 2 a camera lense Knowing all the families would c this.. let alone the rest of the world🤬 it seems everybody involved in this case is a liar or doesn’t care & looks the other way or is payed off somehow!… I put them all in the same group as the actual killer/killers…narcissistic psychopaths 2 just go along or b ok w/how everything has been handled!🤬except 4 the families & friends of families & the OCCK groups

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